Public Officials are fighting hard to save the nation during the COVID 19 breakdown. In protecting the residents of the USA and providing them against the pandemic. In this hustle, it is getting tough for them to find the space for rest. 


Well, the American Institute of Architects has launched a task force to help these government officials in the time of need. The team thinks it’s their moral duty to help the government officials, healthcare facilitators, and other public servants.

The task force is helping them to convert their architect buildings in the healthcare facilities to support better assistance to the sufferers. 

This support from the architects is helping the surge capacity of the country and providing better medical facilities. We feel this effort will help to improve the condition of the country and actively fight back against Corona Virus

AIA team is in support of the federal, local, and state government to provide maximum buildings for the healthcare requirements. It helps in delivering better quarantine and isolation to those who are already affected and save others from getting infected. 

Other members of our team are involved in designing the spaces in better buildings with suitability for public health, healthcare facility, updated design, public health, and disaster assistance.

The priority in actions is safety for all. Our team members are taking all the precautions to ensure self-safety while supporting the nation. 

Dr. Molly Scanlon, FAIA, and FACHA the director of the standard compliance and research at Phigenics asked for more buildings for healthcare facilities, and our team is ready with it.

AIA is putting all efforts into problem-solving of the community. The team is trying its very best to help the nation and will continue doing it further until the complete recovery. 


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