The manufacturer of premium furniture, American Leather is launching an online service for the sale of facemasks. All proceeds from this venture of the leather upholstery manufacturer go towards supporting the North Texas Food Bank.

The face masks from the Dallas-based company will be available on in bulk. The visitor can order face masks in a set of five, ten or twenty.

Details on the production

In the month of April, American Leather shifted their focus on the production of personal protection equipment (PPE). This equipment was for the safety of doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists who work on the front line, which continuously exposes them to the virus.


After the company fulfilled this need, they are now focusing on the production of facemasks. The face masks are available to the general public as well as companies trying to ensure the safety of their employees.

The CEO of American Leather, Bruce Birnbach spoke regarding this. The company made healthcare professionals and emergency responders their main priority and now they move towards the protection of the public.

Manufacturing operations

The production of the masks is taking place at the Dallas facility of the company. The masks under production are based on the CDC’s recommendation. They are non-surgical with an ear loop, for the general public to wear outside.

The company ensures that the masks are made out of great quality materials and are machine washable and reusable.

Birnbach elaborates on the need for general-use face masks. As several countries relax the restrictions in place, have to ensure the use of safety measures to ensure the prevention of the virus.

Thus, several businesses will be in the need for safety as they get back to work. The company wants to help keep people safe and healthy.


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