Paul Powers is amongst the most reputed and wealthy architects in the Bay Area. Deputy of Alameda County Sheriff took him into the Policy custody because of the attack allegations.

Earlier, Paul said that he is upset because of the money lost in the stock market plunge. 

Fight Between Paul Powers and Deputy

Sgt. Ray Kelly, One of the officials, said that the reason behind the attack is that Sheriff caught him for rash driving in Pleasanton. 

Paul Powers is 58 years old and was riding his maroon SUV on Foothill Boulevard. Paul attacked the Sheriff and tried to threaten him after getting caught. 

Powers and the deputy engaged in a fight but deputy managed him to overpower, brought Powers to his knees, and arrest him. 

Although the deputy had minor injuries, including his hand during the fight with Powers, he will recover eventually.

Paul Powers also went through some injuries and was observed at a local hospital. 

Later, he was shifted to Dublin’s Santa Rita Jail. He was charged for making threats against deputy and misbehavior with him. 

Who is Paul Powers and Why He Attacked Deputy?

Powers is a well-known architect, chief executive, and president of the KPA group. He is also nationally-recognized as an aviation planning expert. 

Architect Paul Powers(Photo Courtesy: Linkedin)

He is highly skilled in his profession and possesses over 30 years of experience including – 

  1. Master planning, 
  2. Construction administration,
  3. Cost estimating, 
  4. Interior design
  5. Space planning, 
  6. Programming, 
  7. Project design, and 
  8. Analyzing existing buildings

He has worked in the renovation, expansion, and design projects of over 35 airport passenger terminals. 

Apart from the above, he also had a contribution in multiple projecting in Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and other cities. 

What Did Powers say After The Arrest? 

After the arrest, he said that he lost $250,000 in the stock market plunge that made him upset. Powers will remain in jail, as he was unable to pay the $30K bail amount. 

Also, he is summoned on Monday if prosecutor lawyers decide to file any charges against him. 


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