The Interior Ministry of the Austrian government launched a design competition last November. The competition was to pick a design proposal for converting the birthplace of Hitler’s into a police station.

This week, the government made public the redesign plans for the house. It is located in Braunau am Inn, near the German border.

About the building

Exterior Design of Hitler’s Birthplace (Photo Courtesy: Marte Marte)

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in one of the apartments in the yellow building. The family moved out of the building after a few weeks of Hitler’s birth.

Exterior Design of Hitler’s Birthplace (Photo Courtesy: Marte Marte)

He grew up in the northern Austrian town for three years. His father was a customs official in that town. They soon moved to Germany.

Hitler’s birthplace in 2015 (Photo Courtesy: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)

The Interior Ministry received the lease of the building in 1972 and rented it out for $5,300 per month. But the building has been lying vacant since 2011.

The idea of a police station comes in hopes of preventing it from turning into a shrine for Neo-Nazis. The design also hopes to neutralize the history behind the building.

About Marte

Marte Architekten wins the competition launched by the Austrian government by beating out 11 other competitors.

The Austrian firm’s proposal of a simple and modern redesign saw its unveiling in a press conference on Tuesday. The plans do not change any of the features of the original building. Instead, they give it a new façade along with a redo of the roof.

The whole project is to reach completion in the year 2023. The government places the cost of €5 million, which is $5.6 million.

Karl Nehammer, the Austrian Interior Minister speaks on this in the press conference. He speaks of how the building has, over the years, turned into the opposite of everything Hitler believed in.


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