Paul Uhlmann Architects have become a famous name not only in Australia but also in China, Srilanka, and Fiji. They are a group of architects who works closely with clients, creates a good bonding between them to understand their needs. With a sense of commitment, Paul Uhlmann Architects complete the residential building projects or resorts.

Paul Uhlmann Architects recently completed a project of building a barn house with a cathedral building style in it. The roof of the building resembles a cathedral, and the door openings of the barn house are of the old, typical barn house. This inside and outside of this barn house are made of Australian hardwood, and the ceiling of it is made of Zincalume.

This fantastic barn house is situated in the center of the lawn with greeneries all around it. The ground floor is built adjoining the nearby lawn and has a sliding door that leads people outside the barn. They have ventilated the house with a ground to roof window design. The window is enclosed with timber frames that supply light and air inside the building.

Similarly, the upstairs bedroom has a heartwarming design with wooden panels to cover the wall. It also has ceilings arch-shaped and large windows in the bedroom to illuminate and let in the fresh air. As for children, they have adorned the rooms with wonderful design bunker beds that will melt the hearts of little ones.   

Paul Uhlmann Architects give life to your dreams of owning an awesome farmhouse amidst green foliage. While building a farmhouse, they keep in mind your economic capability and your requirements in mind. Paul Uhlmann Architects have won a lot of awards for the eye-popping designs of their buildings and the success in this business.


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