Earlier this year, Bed Bath & Beyond launched the Bringing Home Everywhere campaign. The campaign includes a $10 million worth product donation.


The money is equally divided to include baby and infant, home, health and personal care, food and beverage.

As part of this campaign, the retailer is releasing a “Home Is Everything” television commercial. They started this campaign in order to provide care and support. The main focus being, communities and frontline health workers in the U.S. and Canada.

About the commercial

Evolution Bureau is the ad agency behind this commercial. It consists of two spots with the theme “Home Is Everything.” They now have a 15-second and 30-second ad spots to air.

The commercial’s main aim to showcase how the pandemic has affected the home lives of many.

To do so it shows that the bedroom is also a gym, the dining room has become the home office and classroom. It also shows parents are turning into teachers, chefs and even barbers.

More details

After highlighting the importance of home, the ad speaks of the details of the donation program driven by Bed Bath & Beyond.

The commercial will be airing on 27 and 28 May, across the country. Whereas, digital and social advertising will air the commercial from 28 May to 3 June.


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