It is a matter of great demise that the country loses a gem of an artist Michel McKinnell. It is the second loss to the country in the world of architecture due to fatal pandemic COVID-19. 

Earlier this month, we lost one of the Vittorio Gregotti; one of the finest modern Italian architect. The news was heart-wrenching in itself, and now the news of Michel McKinnel is far more devastating. 

Michel McKinnell was the co-designer of Boston’s City Hall. He designed the hall along with Gerhard Kallmann in the 1960s. When they won the competition, it felt to them it would last for a century or five. 

Boston City Hall

Both of them used concrete to design most of the structure. However, in 2009, Mr. Mckinnel Said, “we could have used concrete much more.” It could have been the switches, cladding, floors, walls, and everything. 

You will be surprised to know that the city hall was the first design of Michel McKinnell. Along with Kallmann, he could redefine the entire look of the city hall.

 He was one of the finest artists that the country loses recently. Michel McKinnell has added a lot of artwork in his entire career. There were too many modifications in the city in the 1960s and 70s. 

Here people celebrate their marriages; parents celebrate their child’s birth, and a lot of happiness of millions of families is celebrated in this city hall. 

McKinnell has given a face to the building for all the visitors or the people who pass by to leave their mark and memories in the building. There presence and imprint could always be felt. 

The building did not win a single reward, but multiple awards were collected over the decades. The great man died on 27th march 2020 on Friday at the age of 84. The beauty of his creation is so well, that even if it is redesigned or reconstructed, nothing will ruin its beauty. 


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