City Furniture, the retailer is producing 30,000 masks. They are donating the masks to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. This is to help keep the patients and families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The retailers who are located in Tamarac have made a donation of 7,000 out of the promised 30,000 this week. Another 2,000 masks are on the way to the Children’s Hospital for the safety of the staff and patients.

Inside details

The seamstresses of Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery, the City Furniture’s subsidiary are working hard for this cause. They are producing several thousand masks on a daily basis. The production is taking place in a safe environment at the company’s New Albany, Mississippi factory.

The Southeastern Freight Lines is playing a role of comfort by transporting the masks from the factory at Mississippi to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Statements regarding the donation

Andrew Koenig, the president of City Furniture spoke about this donation. He states that it is the company’s privilege to be able to help. The company and the employees at the Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery immediately went through a retooling to launch the production of masks.

The masks are “walk-around barrier masks” for the patients and the families as they walk the corridors and the common areas of the hospital. The staff of the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital anticipates a total usage of 2,000 masks by the patients and their families on a day-to-day basis.

The donations so far have the hospital stocked up for the next two weeks.

In a statement, the paediatric surgeon and director of the operating room at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Dr. Chad Perlyn spoke of the hospital’s gratitude towards these generous donations.


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