WHO announces the coronavirus outbreak a severe global health emergency. The death tolls are increasing day-by-day, and the U.S. government is giving top priority to the public health emergency. 

Because of the same reasons, we’ve already seen a series of even cancellation and postponements not only in the U.S. but also in the other parts of the world. 

Recently, there is news of the postponement of High Point Market. The Spring Market will now take place in June because of the COVID-19 threats. 

Previously, there were no plans of delaying the event, but they finally decide to reschedule it for good.  

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What Higher Officials of High Point Market Has To Say?

1. Dudely Moore Jr

According to Dudley Moore Jr., the postponement decision was tough as the delay can severely affect – 

  1. The economic conditions of the community and industry, and
  2. Small businesses whose livelihoods rely on the event

However, the decision is taken due to the concern and well-being of the people associated with our industry and community. 

Dudley Moore Jr. is the president of Otto and Moore. He is also the chairman of the board of directors of the High Point Market Authority. 

2. Jay Wagner

Jay Wagner said that their first priority is to protect the citizens and attendees of the High Point Market. 

Despite the postponement disappointments, we are prioritizing their safety. 

3. Tom Conley

Tom Conley is the CEO and president of the High Point Market Authority. He said that the board directs are monitoring the situation carefully and are in touch with medical officials. 

They will update and try to take a further decision as soon as possible. The coronavirus situation is expanding, and therefore there are uncertainties about the event. 

The only time the market was cancelled in the past was at the time of World War II in 1942. 



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