Craftmaster Furniture, a manufacturer of motion upholstery and stationery is all set to open the shop from 4 May, Monday. The closing of the manufacturers took place on 30 March. They shut down their store in Alexander County, N.C. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo Courtesy: Craftmaster Furniture

The furnishings company, founded in 1972, specialises in moderately priced products with over 800 fabric choices, 100 accent chairs and over 150 living room styles.

Statement from Roy Calcagne

The President and CEO of Craftmaster Furniture, Roy Calcagne spoke regarding this. As they open up all manufacture operations, the company ensure to follow the reopening protocol laid out by the Governor of NC.

They also follow all CDC health guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees. According the Calcagne, they will clean all facilities of Craftmaster at regular and necessary intervals. All the employees will follow the strict social distancing rules in place.

Apart from these the use of hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing will be practised by all the employees. All of this will take place while ensuring to wear a face mask at all times.

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The opening of the store will take place simultaneously with the other furnishing store in the country. Northeastern U.S. being the only exception of this grand reopening.

Calcagne expresses their fortune as Alexander County register a low number of positive coronavirus cases. The reason for this being strict restrictions and the citizens following social distancing rules.

The employees are excited about being manufacture of furniture. The company cannot wait to rebuild their community and return to serve the retail partners.

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