Cubic Foot: Definition, Formula, Importance, Conversions, & Calculations

Cubic foot also known as foot cubed is a fundamental unit to measure the volume of three-dimensional objects. It is abbreviated as ft3, cu ft, or cubic ft. The term cubic foot comprises two terms “cube” which means multiple of three while the term “foot” is a unit of measurement. 

It is mandatory to apprehend conceptual understanding and applications of cubic feet while measuring in this unit as it keeps importance as a regal unit for three-dimensional shapes.

In this article, we will elaborate fundamental definition of the term “cubic feet”. Then we will interpret importance, formula, calculations, and important conversions.

Definition of the cubic foot

The cubic foot symbolically ft3 or cu ft is defined as the volume of a cube with sides of one foot in length. It is frequently used in the United States and the United Kingdom.


In order to calculate cubic feet, we will use the formula given below.

Volume (in ft3) = L * W * H

Here L, W and H represent length, width and height respectively. Make sure that here length, width and height all dimensions will be measured in feet.

Importance of cubic feet

Cubic feet play a vital role in the field of engineering, construction, architecture, shipping, logistics, fish tank, and pool designing. The volume of different construction materials is calculated by applying cubic feet units. Here we will describe the brief importance of cubic feet in these areas.

  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Architecture 

Construction and Civil Engineering

Cubic ft is a crucial unit of computation using civil engineering and construction sectors. Cubic ft is used for construction projects in order to approximate the volume of vast sorts of materials that are commonly required for that construction projects. 

By using this precious unit, it can seem how much concrete or material stuff is required. Hence with the help of this optimization, it can easily be avoided by the wastage of materials as well as the task can be completed within the estimated budget.


Cubic ft plays a key role in the field of architecture where it is used to approximate the volume of three-dimensional shape objects like the volume of containers comprising different construction materials as well. For example, to observe the amount of soil or sand required for the construction projects.


In order to find out the volume in cubic feet, it is necessary that all dimensions should be in feet. Sometimes these dimensions are given in other units’ dimensions may be given in cubic yards, cubic meters, cubic inches, cubic liters, cubic gallons, etc. 

So, the following conversions will be helpful to calculate the volume in cubic feet.

Cubic yards into cubic feet

If values are given in yards, by using the following relation we can convert the given data into cubic feet. Simply we are to find the product of the dimensions after that multiply this product by 27 to get the result in cubic feet.


Volume (cubic feet) = 27 * [L (in yards) * W (in yards) * H (in yards)] 

Cubic centimeters to cubic feet

If quantities are given in centimeters, we will take the product of the given quantities. Then to get a result in cubic feet divide this product by 28316.846. 


Volume (cubic feet) = [L(in cm) * W(in cm) * H(in cm)] / 28316.846

Cubic meters to cubic feet

If the quantities are given in meters, we will multiply these quantities to get their product. Then multiplying this product by 35.315, we will get an answer in cubic feet.


Volume (cubic feet) = 35.315 * [L(in m) * W(in m) * H(in m)]

Cubic inches to cubic feet

If the quantities are given in inches, we will divide the product by 1728 (product obtained by multiplying these quantities).


Volume (cubic feet) = [L(in inches) * W(in inches) * H(in inches)]/ 1728

Cubic gallons to cubic feet

If the quantities are given in cubic gallons, we will take the product of these quantities. Then to find the volume in cubic feet, divide the obtained product by 7.48052. 


Volume (cubic feet) = [L(in gallons) * W(in gallons) * H(in gallons)]/7.48052

Cubic liters to cubic feet

If the dimensions are given in cubic liters, we will find the product of these dimensions, then by dividing this product by 28.3168, we will get the desired result in cubic feet.


Volume (cubic feet) = [L(in l) * W(in l) * H(in l)]/ 28.3168


To understand the concept of calculating cubic feet, we will do some calculations for cubic feet in the following examples:

Example 1: 

Compute the volume of the room in ft3 if its dimensions are length 17ft, width 13ft, and height 12ft.


Given data:

L = 17ft

W = 13ft

H = 12ft

Required Data:

Volume (in ft3) =?


Formula:  Volume (in ft3) = L (in feet) * W (in feet) * H (in feet)

Substituting values in the above formula,

V = 17ft * 13ft * 12ft = 2652 ft3 which is the required answer.

Example 2: 

Suppose the length, width, and height of the carton are given 18 inches, 13 inches, and 8 inches respectively. Find out its volume in ft3.


Given Data:

L = 17ft

W = 13ft

H = 8ft

Required Data:

Volume (in ft3) =?



V (in ft3) = [L (in inches) * W (in inches) * H (in inches)] /1728

V = (18inches * 13inches * 8inches) /1728

V = 1.083333333 ft3


In this article, we’ve talked about cubic feet and its formula. Afterward, we discussed its importance in the fields of construction, engineering primarily in civil engineering, architecture, etc. as well as we’ve wrapped up conversions of cubic feet in other useful units. 

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