Hyderabad sees the first novel Design cafe that displays the designs, interior decoration concepts for new homeowners. 

Spread over three rooms, with different bedrooms, 7 kitchens, 6 living rooms, finished room models, they introduce several combinations of a beautiful house. 

The customers get an excellent view of their future house with the help of the concept of virtual reality with these interior designers in hyderabad.

The prospective customers get the concept clearly as they show the combination of bedroom and other rooms. They can decide the best combination based on their choice. 

Hyderabad has increasing residential building needs that facilitate the growth of design cafe concept in this city, says Shezan Bhojani CEO of Design cafe. Thus, the new Design cafe has an experience center that gives a wow experience of the future offerings of the company to the clients. 

This design cafe has tailor-made projects that suit the customers’ budget and dream. The design cafe uses artistic talent to design the home interior of your house. 

In our Design cafe, we have designers whom you can consult and talk about the design in your mind. They will personalize your design and give life your dream home. 

Within 60 days, you can move into the new home. This will attract and retain prospective customers and convert them to loyal customers.


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