London-based IJP Architects along with engineer AKT II won the Dubai Creek Footbridge competition. Two companies will design the Dubai Creek Footbridge for Dubai Creek Harbour Development. 

Photo Courtesy: IJP Architects and AKT II

The bridge will be a 230m-long two-storey bridge. CallisonRTKL did all the master planning of the bridge, and it will emphasize a skyscraper centerpiece by Santiago Calatrava. 

According to the architect, the winning design perfectly represents a ‘cloud of structure’ that features intricate geometric designs. 

Photo Courtesy: IJP Architects and AKT II

Also, it perfectly maintains a balance between Islamic culture, art history, and technology. 

The bridge will – 

  1. Be aligned with Calatrava centerpiece, 
  2. Form a ‘monumental axis’ of the development, and
  3. Span a human-made canal,
Photo Courtesy: IJP Architects and AKT II

We can expect the start of design work in detail from the upcoming summers as the final delivery of the project will be on next year. 

What IJP Founder Said After Winning The Contest?

George L Legendre, managing partner, and IJP founder said that we have traditional and modern pictures of Dubai Creek Footbridge in our mind. The forced dispersal through a 3D steel web produces a cloud-like and lightweight structure along with geometric design patterns. 

Photo Courtesy: IJP Architects and AKT II

That is the reason why the Dubai Creek Footbridge represents a harmonic state between – 

  1. Technology
  2. The traditional and new, 
  3. Islamic culture, and
  4. Art history

What Did AKT II Design Director Say About The Landmark?

Paul Hutter, the AKT II design director, said that we want to design a bridge that is both impracticable slender and delicate at the same time. Therefore, to achieve this goal, we had to create an arched truss to ensure that each structure element remains a part of the global stability system. Also, the design of the bridge should use the maximum capacity. 

We were precisely aware of the display of structural elements. That’s the reason it needs to be equal to the bridge’s large span and human scale. We had to do conduct worldwide research about the steel fabrication capabilities in detail to ensure the strength and durability of the bridge. 


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