The rug and textile furnishings company, Jaipur Living is launching a live series. The series, “Trade Talk” is a weekly show via Instagram. It will last all through the month of April and will be on every Wednesday.


The live series intends on having a conversation with design professionals. The experts and influencers will speak their mind and share their favourite Jaipur Living products.

The company aims to connect with its customers virtually and to educate and inspire their audience. Any individual can access the series through their Instagram profile.

About the guests on the series

The live designer series had their first guest, Nikki Chu last week. Chu is a lifestyle expert and a celebrity designer with a licensed accessories program herself. Chu spoke of her design work, from her personal attraction to neutral palettes in décor to home interiors.

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Along with Chu, Lori Paranjape was also on the show. Paranjape, a celebrity designer herself spoke of her experience of working with Jaipur Living and also of all her ventures as a designer.

Yesterday’s series took place at 1 in the afternoon and had Sam Cram, the Nashville-based designer on the show.

Verde Home, an Atlanta-based interiors company are up to take part in the live designer series next week, on April 22.

A statement from the company

In a statement from the director of brand and digital marketing, Carl Henrickson spoke on the live designer series. They came up with the idea for these series to help professionals in the industry to be able to connect with one another.

Henrickson continues to add how well the audience are receiving the series. The company cannot wait to bring their audience more relevant and inspiring content.


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