Jim Miller was acting as an intern Chief Technology Officer for Wayfair since the month of August in 2019. Miller is now the permanent CTO for the company. He was previously a board member for four years.

Jim Milley(Photo Courtesy: Business Wire)

Over the eight months, Miller was acting as the CTO, he has had great success in mobilizing the company and putting into action step to succeed in the global business. These achievements of his were of great help in Wayfair’s decision.

Miller holds a bachelor degree from Purdue University. He also earned a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management.

Miller’s role as CTO

He will continue his duties of providing the company and its employees with strategic direction. He is in charge of leading the company’s technical operations.

Miller has previously held positions in companies such as Amazon, Google and Cisco. He was the vice president of worldwide operations at Google from 2010-2018. Miller was a senior executive at Cisco for seven years. The new CTO also held the position of vice president at Amazon.

Thus, he has extensive knowledge of leadership and he was at these companies during periods of hypergrowth.

Miller aims on creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the engineering team at Wayfair. He also aims at expanding the supply chain that is driven by technology and the global e-commerce platform.

Statement from Wayfair

The CEO, co-founder and co-chairman of Wayfair; Niraj Shah spoke about the situation in a statement. He is grateful to have Miller to guide the company and its employees. Shah is confident in Miller’s abilities to ensure Wayfair’s spot on the e-commerce platform.

Wayfair has operation around the world and has over 16,000 employs. The company has made a net revenue worth $9.1 billion for 2019


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