The architect, John Calvin Haro passes away at the age of 91. He died in Phoenix, Arizona on 9 April, Thursday.

Haro was well-known for his work as the designer of the National Bank of Detroit headquarters located in downtown Detroit. The building is considered historic by the locals and now houses Quicken Loans.

Haro had lost his wife of 54 years, Elizabeth earlier in life. He has now left behind his children; John Sr., Alison and Alex. Apart from his children, Haro also had five grandchildren.

About Haro

Haro was born in the year 1929 in Gary, Indiana. He then moved to Michigan where he did his undergraduate studies at the Michigan Technical University. In 1950, Haro got his degree in architecture from the University of Michigan.

John Calvin Haro(Photo Courtesy: Albert Kahn Associates, Inc)

Haro is a war veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. After deployment came to an end, he went on to earn a Master of Architecture in 1955 from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Haro’s accomplishments

Haro was known for the part he played in designing several important buildings. From several corporate buildings and landmark headquarters to many buildings in the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan, Haro did them all.

These designs were what gave him a good name while he was a member of the Albert Kahn Associates architectural firm. While at the firm, he held positions including the director of design and planning and the senior vice president.

Haro held a fellowship with the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He was also the recipient of University’s Wheelwright Travelling Fellowship. He was a recipient of the Gold Medal from the Detroit Chapter of the AIA and Michigan Society of Architect for design and urban planning.


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