Tate Modern, a museum in London had invited Kara Walker, a New-York based artist to create artwork for their Tribune Hall. The Tribune Hall is a 500-foot long space that has seen exhibitions by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Wei Wei among others.

Kara Walker’s Fons Americanus (Photo Courtesy: Tate Modern)

About Fons Americanus

Walker created the Fons Americanus, a 42-foot tall fountain installed in October of 2019. The fountain is in the style of the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

The fountain consists of recyclable and reusable materials such as cork, wood and metal. The artwork also consists of non-toxic acrylic and cement composite. Walker made sure to not use harmful substances in the production of exhibitions and installations.

Walker spoke on her artwork and describes it as “an allegory of the Black Atlantic.” She said the fountain depicts all disastrous waters that connect Africa to economic prosperity based on America and Europe.

The Fons Americanus has made history by being the most visited exhibition in the 20-year history of the Tribune Hall. The artwork receives praise from the public for its depth and significance.

The disassembly

Soon enough, the public was eager to know where the fountain will showcase next. Walker spoke to The Art Newspaper expressing her wishes of relocating the fountain rather than dismantling it.

Kara Walker(Photo Courtesy: Tate Modern)

The Fons Americanus was to close on April 5. But the museum has been shut down for three weeks now amidst the pandemic. Due to the closure, the dismantling of the fountain will take place and the parts are to be sent for recycling.

This artwork of Walker’s seems to mirror the fate of her first large-scale public project as well. A Subtlety is an installation done in the year 201. The location of it is in the Domino Sugar Refinery located in Brooklyn.


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