Photographs of the W223-generation Mercedes-Benz S-class are up on Instagram. The photographs show a completely exposed vehicle prior to its official debut into the market. Although the exterior seems to be a rendition of earlier versions, the interior is what caught the eye of several viewers.

Mercedes prepare for the launch of the new S-class that is to take place later in the year. It is to arrive in the American market in 2021, as a ’21 or ’22 model. The interior has the description as being revolutionary and modern.

Photo Courtesy: Cochespia via Instagram

Details of the interior

Photo Coutesy: Cochespia via Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Cochespia via Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Cochespia via Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Cochespia via Instagram

The leaked photographs have been doing the rounds on Instagram. They show off the wildly modern interior that has many in awe.

The car consists of an enormous touch screen. It sits luxuriously on the center stack as part of the never-seen-before dashboard.

The steering wheel is the same as the one in the E-class. It has the property of touch-sensitivity that determines if the driver has their hands on the wheel.

More on the S-class Mercedes

Ola Kallenius, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz speaks of the Level 3 autonomy the next-generation car has to offer. This means the automobile can monitor and control the environment in the car without the driver’s aid in most situations.

Speculation say the next-generation Mercedes has the codename of W223. The exterior seems to be a little disappointing to many. It follows the same blueprint of the smaller sedans the company has to offer.

The vehicle shall run with the help of inline-six and V-8 engines. A few of them will have the added benefit of hybrid assistance; an all-electric version called EQS will follow right after. A battery-electric option seems to be amiss as noted by several viewers.


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