The dinnerware company, Lenox announces closing of their factory. They have made a decision to permanently close their bone china factory in Kinston, N.C.

Mads Ryder, the CEO of Lenox said that business had slowed down considerably. The decision to close was only made more concrete by the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the factory

The factory built in the year 1989 in N.C. is of 218,000 square-feet. The factory makes huge contributions to the amount of dinnerware the company sells. About 10 to 15 percent of all Lenox products sold across the United States were from this factory.


The factory had unique capabilities such as handling microwave-safe metals, making hand-enamelled dots and the use of etching techniques. It could produce up to 20,000 pieces of china each day.


Layoffs and dropped sales

The Pennsylvania-based Lenox Corporation says the china-manufacturing factory will permanently close in the summer. Due to being in financial distress, the company has had to make the difficult decision.

Closing of one of Lenox’s biggest factory means up to 160 employees are facing layoffs. The company had begun giving its employees a furlough in the month of March.

As of the 29 of April, the American manufacturer will let go of 139 employees. And the rest 25 employees shall leave in late July.

As the pandemic takeover, several retail payments have been postponed by the company. This is as the dinnerware company continues to lose several orders.

The company states that the factory would cost way too much to reopen. Thus, they plan on selling the building and the land.

As of now Lenox has its showroom located at Forty One Madison in New York. The company is working hard to keep its online business alive. Its products continue to be manufactured in Europe and Asia.


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