The World’s Largest Trade Show of LIGHT FAIR 2020 Postponed

LightFair 2020 Postponed(Photo Courtesy: LightFair International)

The LightFair announcement on March 13th expressed that they will postpone the trade show because of Covid-19. And their overall intention is to safeguard health and safety.

The International Market Centers manages the event. The trade show from May 3rd to 7th will take place subsequently in summer (Las Vegas) or after the condition is fit and fine.

The show director Dan Darby wished for safety rather than delay as the health of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors is essential. He also mentioned, “we will shortly give updates on the event but as of now holding the event is our sensible activity”.

The trade show postponement announced before 7 weeks which will allow the members of the trade show to substitute themselves with alternative plans.

The prime focus of the show is to demonstrate the modernization in lighting, conference programs experience, technology, knowledge, and other opportunities.

Lightfair will update the latest dates soon in the future. And Dan Darby is now conferring with lighting designers and Illuminating Engineering Society.


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