Marc Thorpe has designed a prototype for houses for Moroso. These houses will be made from earth bricks where M’Afrique furniture collection makers will live. Also, these houses will be known as Dakar house, and the plan is to build them on the outer areas of Senegal’s capital.

Photo Courtesy: Marc Thorpe

Moroso is appreciating the art skills since the last decade via its M’Afrique furniture collection. 

Photo Courtesy: Marc Thorpe

The furniture collection offers designs of high-quality designers including – 

  1. Marc Thorpe
  2. Sebastian Herkner, and 
  3. Patricia Urquiola. 

All of these designs are handmade by craftspeople from Sengalese.

Details of Dakar House Designs

According to Thorpe, the objective behind building the Dakar houses is to build a small community and support the local industry. 

Photo Courtesy: Marc Thorpe

1. Divided Into Different Units

Each building of Dakar House will contain three different units – 

  1. A studio in between the apartments, and 
  2. Two apartments

The house will be ideal for a complete family, and it will be easier for them to work with each other. The houses are for both the workers to live and the manufacturing process of the furniture. Also, the manufacturing includes weaving and welding work of the handcrafts. 

Additionally, they are looking to build a work-based community around a central economic constituent. 

2. Characteristics

The identification of Dakar Houses can be made based on their roof, as they will be pointed, angular roofs. Also, The design of the roof is similar to that of African paintings and textiles, which reflects traditional patterns. 

3. Made Up Of Earth Bricks

The roofs and walls of the Dakar houses will construct from earth bricks. Also, earth brick is one of the most common construction material that can be easily found in Senegal. 

These bricks manufacture using local soil. That is the reason why it is environment-friendly and cheap to make. 


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