Mennello Museum of AIA(Photo Courtesy:

The Friends of Mennello Museum (patrons) revealed their selection of architecture design for the 67th annual progressive architecture award (2020). Design well balances all the spaces available inside out.

Mennello Museum is in the city of Orlando, Florida in the United States. Project costs $22 million with 48,700 square feet (extension) and 12,000 square feet (present). The total size is of 60,700 square feet.

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The additional space 48,700 square feet designed with attractive galleries, administration, conference hall and some other back of home availabilities.

The Brooks + Scarpa also referred to as Pugh + Scarpa is an Architectural firm and noted for their mutual judgment for individual fulfilment.

Architect recorders are KMF Architects, Orlando, AIA (in-charge), Bill Emery (project team). Museum lightened with Luminescence design technique.

Engineers for the project:
Structural – John Labib and associates
Electrical – Stantec
Mechanical – Gausman and team

The museum is very much concentrated on historic and civil designs. Multipurpose facilities in the museum will benefit higher return and there is a 200-year-old Oak tree which covered in Spanish lowland.

The Architects did not share the timeline of the project as they are concentrating on how they can enhance funds. Central museum areas, laminated timber, upward concrete enhanced the museum exterior view. The project type is cultural and community.


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