The museums in Germany are reopening as the country slowly beats the pandemic. In Brandenburg, a state in Germany has one of the first museums to reopen.

Photo Courtesy: Reiseuhu

Despite this, the German Museum Association speculates that it could take larger museums a while to open. Small rural museums are open and are ensuring to follow precautions.

Reopening dates for the museums

Each state is releasing dates of reopening for the museums. The state of Thuringia has declared 28 April for the reopening. In Berlin and Saxony, the museums open from 4 May.

The Dresden State Art Collections plans on opening some of their museums from 4 May. Apart from that the Bodes Museum, the Altes Museum and the Hamburger Bahnhof are reopening on 4 May as well.

A privately funded museum in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg; The Barberini Museum hopes to be able to open their Monet exhibition to the eyes of the visitors. But the museum officials recognise the need for more time to ensure safety precautions are all in place.

Guidelines for the safety of visitors

All the museums are to follow all the strict guidelines The Brandenburg Museum Association provides. These guidelines include a limitation on the number of visitors allowed in the premises with an allotment of 15 sq. m. per person.

The museum administration should ensure regular cleaning; provide disinfectant for the staff and visitors. The museums are to accept only credit cards and build a plexiglass shield at the ticket desks.

Guidelines also include no group tours and provision of audio-guides can only be possible if the museum is able to disinfect them after each use.

The association also requires the extend in museum hours and masks in hand for the visitors. Vulnerable visitors can avail a time-slot of their own.


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