China opens one of it’s tremendous and surely one-of-a-kind landmarks to the public in Tianjin. The name of the landmark is the National Maritime Museum, and it took six years to build it. 

Australian design firm COX Architecture designs it and located in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin. 

In 2013, COX architecture won the project by winning a long eight-month design competition. The competition consists of multiple design iterations, various stages of feedback by stakeholders and clients.  

Philip Cox’s watercolour painting inspires its design. Philip Cox is the COX architecture’s founding partner. 

What Make National Maritime Museum So Special?

National Maritime Museum is one of a kind architecture with a unique design. 

It is a three-story complex that is further split into four different wings – 

  1. The Ocean today, 
  2. The age of the dragon,
  3. The journey of discovery, and 
  4. The ancient Ocean

Each wing is based on a different aquatic theme. Fifteen exhibition halls are inter-connected with each other along with six display areas. 

These interconnected pavilions are located over the water and look like a fan from the central reception hall. 

The central reception hall space is for both exhibition and transition purposes. It also provides connectivity with upper exhibition levels. 


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