The Design District developers have given the world a taste of their new visuals for the future creative hub. This creative hub is at the centre of the Greenwich Peninsula. It is a one-hectare design project that is lead by the Knight Dragon.

The Design District is in the hands of eight renowned architectural studios to deliver new designs and visuals. The architectural firms who have designed the district include; SelgasCano, 6a Architects, Adam Khan Architects, Architecture 00, HNNA (formerly Assemblage), Barozzi Veiga, David Kohn Architects, and Mole Architects.

The landscape for the Design District is by Schulze+Grassov. This project aims to amass a large creative safe space in this neighborhood in London. It aims to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, and start-ups from across different backgrounds and industries.

The design

Each architectural studio has designed two buildings, meaning that the project has a total of sixteen buildings on display.  The buildings are to express the philosophy and the aesthetic of the studios.

Photo Courtesy: David Kohn Architects

Each of the eight studios had no idea of the designs and ideas of the other; this is to ensure a wide range of design and architecture to adorn the creative hub. They aim to create a diverse assembly of spaces parallel to the dynamism and eccentricity of London.

Apart from the sixteen buildings by the architectural firms, the district also has the RSH+P-designed O2 events arena, which is also called the Millennium Dome.

The head of design at the Design District, Matt Dearlove, states that the project is on a tight and modest budget. This is so as to keep the rents in the neighbourhood affordable to the public, while also ensuring an organically built project.

Photo Courtesy: David Kohn Architects

The Design District is a project under establishment with a partnership with the Mayor of London. The project consists of sixteen buildings that offer affordable housing to offices, workshops, and studios.

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This development will have the capacity to hold 1,800 people in the workspaces and it also houses sports facilities, leisure, and cultural spaces, along with a food market. If that was not sufficient, the project also has spaces for a recording and broadcast studio and a multi-sport rooftop court.

The ideas for the project

Dearlove, the head of design, spoke on the ideas for the design of the Design District. He and his team wanted to replicate the mixed architectural styles commonly seen around London. But he also admitted to this being a tough job, to do so for a new build scheme.

The eight architectural studios deliver a contrasting style to the project. This was because of Dearlove’s belief that cities are by nature contrasting and complex. He did so to bring about diversity and discussion to this new project.

Dearlove believed that a combination of a single master plan and a unifying public realm, mixed in with landscape architecture by Schulze+Grassov, makes the project come together.

The Design District is to open in September 2020, in the autumn.


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