Norwalk Furniture, a manufacturer of custom upholstery is ready to reopen from Monday, 4 May. The closing of the company’s manufacture operations took place in the middle of March. This was as per the orders of the government, to stay home because of the COVID-19 health crisis.

The reopening

The 440,000-square-foot facility is to reopen with the “Responsible Restart Ohio” in mind. An initiative by the state of Ohio and CDC, it ensures the health of the employees.

Photo Courtesy: Norwalk Furniture

As all production, manufacturing, and distribution employees get back to work next week, safety protocols are a necessary. The guidelines specify on the regular hand washing from the staff’s end, especially when working in production. The individuals going out of the house are to cover their faces at all times.

Apart from those, the employees are to practice social distancing when possible and the company is to monitor all employees for symptoms. The company should also appoint staggered shifts and allow employees to work at home when possible.

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Statement from the company

The President of Norwalk Furniture, Caroline Hipple told the Reflector that the company had a good year so far. They ordered enough stock to keep the production going in the case that the pandemic could negatively affect the economy.

Hipple says that the closure of businesses allowed for the slow in infection rates and the health professionals were able to reduce them furthermore. As the community has fought the curve, the businesses are able to open back up, with safety protocols in mind.

The company, on 6 April, began the production of face masks and personal protective equipment after the closure of furniture production. The Huron County gave the company the tag of “Essential Business Status.”


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