As restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are in place for the safety of the public. Several industry events, always with a link to high anticipation, are seeing a cancellation.

About the virtual program

Due to these endless cancellations, Nourison has a new initiation to help all the enthusiasts cope with the absence of these events this year.


On 5 May, the organisation will be launching a virtual spring market program. It will be a two-week market, spanning from 5 May to 14 May.

The aim of the virtual market is to allow designers and industry experts to keep in touch and connect with one another. It helps designers work along with interior designers and dealers. It also holds discussions on how to cope with the unique challenges of the situation at hand.

More details on the event

The president of Nourison, Andrew Peykar explains that spring is a vital time for the design industry. As the professionals are unable to directly communicate, the program allows them to work with their customers and discuss the plans for the future.

Peykar explains how the company had made a resolution to better the company in various ways. The virtual market is a result of their innovative thinking.

Apart from the marketing and discussions, the event will also be a host to live events with industry experts as keynote speakers. The live events will take place through imagery and video, email, and landing pages on its site.

Along with these live shows, an Instagram Live and a virtual happy hour for the participants are also present. Promotions and discounts will be given to the participants along with one-on-one sales rep meetings.

For more information on the virtual event or to register for the virtual spring market, log on to the Nourison website.


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