Carnegie Mellon University welcomes Professor Omar Khan as the new head of their School of Architecture. Prof. Khan was previously at the University at Buffalo (UB), a State University of New York.

Khan is shifting from the Department of Architecture at UB. He shall begin his new post as the head from 1 August 2020.

Statement regarding Khan’s appointment

The Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dan Martin truly believes in Professor Khan’s ability to keep up with the history of brilliance the Architecture School holds.

Khan earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cornell University and a master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in computation and design. He was a part of the MIT Media Lab’s Aesthetics and Computation Group.

About Professor Khan

Photo Courtesy: Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture

He was a department chair at UB for 7 years. During which, he started new graduate programs and guided improvements in the faculty. He has credits to the largest growth in sponsored research in the department of architecture.

While at UB, the Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies (CAST) saw direction by him. He also acted as the editor of the Situated Technologies Pamphlet Series. He was also a director for the Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Technology (SMART) Community of Excellence.

At Gekh, a design consultancy; he is a partner along with Jordan Geige.  Along with Laura Garófalo, he is also the principal of Liminal Projects.

He dabbled in architecture, digital design, fabrication, installation and performance art as part of his research activities. Some of his exhibitions include the Incheon Digital Art Festival (Korea), the National Building Museum, Storefront for Art and Architecture, and the Urban Center, Urban Screens Melbourne, ZeroOne San Jose.


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