The renowned wildlife photographer, Peter Beard has died at the age of 82. Beard has been suffering from dementia for a long time and has been missing since late March.

After receiving a missing person report on Beard on March 31, the police led a search for 19 days. Beard was found dead in the Camp Hero State Park, near his house in Montauk, located on the east side of Long Island.

The news of his death can in the form of a statement made by a spokesperson for the Beard family on Sunday.

In a statement to the New York Times, the Beard family spoke about their loss. The family was glad that Beard died in nature, which he cherished the most.

Beard’s early life

Beard was an environmentalist, photographer and author. He leaves behind Nejma Khanum Beard, his wife and Zara Beard, his daughter as well as Anson, his brother.

Peter Beard

Beard was the grandson the founder of the Great Northern Railway, James J. Hill. Born in 1938 in New York, he was the black sheep of the family.

He took his first trip to Africa at the age of 17 with the great-grandson of Charles Darwin, Quentin Keynes. He studied at Yale University with Josef Albers, the artist and majored in art history.

His achievements

Beard’s best work till date is The End of the Game, which was published in 1965. Some of his works include Zara’s Tales: Perilous Escapades in Equatorial Africa. He wrote Zara’s tales for his daughter and has illustrations by his wife. He also wrote Peter Beard, a collection of his work and Eyelids of Morning.

His images and the artefacts of his adventures are still in an exhibition at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan and the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris.


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