Dublin-based architects Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell won the Pritzker Architecture prize on Tuesday.

This is the first time when two women have won the award.

They together run one of the successful architectural firms in Dublin – Grafton Architects

The two joins the list of the previous winner laureates – 

  1. Renzo Piano, 
  2. Jean Nouvel, 
  3. Rem Koolhaas, 
  4. Richard Rogers, 
  5. Tadao Ando, 
  6. Arata Izozaki, 
  7. IM Pei, and
  8. Zaha Hadid, the first to win the prize in 2004

According to the judges, Farrell and McNamara are the inspiration pioneers in the male-dominated architecture field. 

They both developed buildings that are –

  1. Culturally connected,
  2. Honouring history,
  3. Appreciable, and
  4. Pieces of craft. 

Also, they crafted structures with a perfect balance of –

  1. Strength,
  2. Delicacy, and
  3. Site-specific contexts.

Whether it’s academic, cultural, civic institutions or housing developments.

Farrell and McNamara have maintained a modern and skilled work that is irreplaceable and cannot be created again.   

Winners are announced in an award ceremony in Chicago by Tom Pritzker who is the chairman of the Hyatt Foundation. 

He appreciated their architecture work of “incredible strength”, awareness of climate change, honesty, and responsiveness to local circumstances. 

What is the Pritzker Architecture Prize?

Pritzker Prize is internationally famous as the highest honour in the architectural field. It was inaugurated by Hyatt foundation in 1979. 

The sole purpose of this award is to appreciate architects whose work displays –

  • A mixture of skill,
  • insight and devotion,
  • making a meaningful contribution to humanity, and
  • the constructed environment

The only Irish architect who won this award before McNamara and Farrell were Kevin Roche in 1982. 

What Winners Said After Winning The Award?

What Yvonne Farrell Said?

Farrell described architecture as one of the most complicated and significant cultural activities in the world. 

She feels honoured on being an architect and Pritzker prize simply adds more charm to their belief in architecture. 

Additionally, she said that it is an excellent appreciation of the goal and vision of the customers who hired us.

What Shelley McNamara Said?

McNamara said that it’s hard to find space where they can reflect craft, cultural connection, and generosity with their work. 

Therefore, she appreciates and thanks all the people that recognise their skill and work.

Source: GraftonArchitects


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