have added a new feature to their website and app. The new amazing feature is the noise indicator, which helps to measure the noise level. Also, it helps the home searcher to identify the sound level at their suitable location.

The senior vice president of, Rachel Morley, says that every house buyer varies from other buyers. Few buyers prefer noisy place and few prefer noise free place. He also mentions the noise factor is the primary issue that has to be fixed.

He proceeded to say many buyers search for pleasant places for livelihood. Every consumer, who are planning to purchase a house, searches for the availabilities of schools, grocery stores, clinics, etc. But they indirectly look for a noise-free place.

The additional feature provides specific information on the surroundings. It permits buyers to select the property with the best judgment.

The noise level has three grades that display high, medium or low by this consumer can choose the noise sources from the display.

Noise is a serious concern that cannot identify, as it alters from place to place depending on road locations, shops, industries, etc. These sources are taking into consideration to assign grades.


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