The Society of Architectural Historians announces the event as an online-only event. Earlier, they decided to cancel the event because of the coronavirus outbreak, and now they have rescheduled the annual conference. 

SAH Virtual Event

Also, the SAH Seattle conference was to happen between 29th April 2020 to 3rd May 2020 in Seattle. Later they decide to move it to the cancellation list because of the COVID-19 pandemic

How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the Situation?

The government is asking people to take appropriate social distancing measures to minimize the spread of the virus. That’s the reason, now the SAH will happen as a virtual conference on 30th April 2020 and 1st May 2020 via Zoom. 

According to the SAH website, the main objective of the virtual conference is to bring industry experts together. These experts will gather from different countries across the world.  

Similar to the IRL planning, SAH will include – 

  1. Graduate Student Lightning Talks, 
  2. Open Sessions, and 
  3. Themed Paper Sessions

Also, they will try to present the maximum number of papers and sessions virtually via Zoom. 

Here is a list of few sessions that will take place in the virtual conference – 

  1. A lecture by Mabel O. Wilson, Planning and Preservation Professor
  2. An address by Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, and 
  3. Other live talks.


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