COVID-19 outbreak has locked down all the events. Well, it is affecting a lot of business, but it is essential for the safety of life. 59th fair of the mobile, Salone Del Mobile is one of the most significant furniture fairs that was to be held in Milan. 

Photo Courtesy: Salone Del Mobile

The fair was planned on April 26th 2020, at Rho Fiero Milano. The venue of the fair continued to be the same, but we had news that it was postponed until June 16.

 It was just a tentative date. Also, it was mentioned that further changes could be made keeping in mind the scenario and circumstances of  Corona Virus. 

At the time of the announcement, there were 323 cases of Corona Virus. Almost 11 people had died due to the spread of the pandemic. 

Well, the recent updates are here. The event is now cancelled. It will soon be organised in 2021 like all Olympic games and other significant activities. The steps are taken to stop the further spread of the disease and find control over the continuously worsening situation of Italy. It is highly essential to keep the countrymen safe who remain unaffected.

Italy has been the third country after China, and South Korea that is most affected by COVID 19. Despite having the most advanced medical facilities, our country is unable to get hold over the situation. So, this decision is wise in all the ways. 

Milan’s Mayor confirmed the cancelling of the event despite knowing all the loss. The decision was taken after the meeting with the officials of the Salone Del Mobile. It is a joint decision of the organiser and the sponsor. 

The cancelling of the event only for Salone Del Mobile alone would be a loss of 120 million euros. 

It was a matter of joy for the Mayor to see that everyone has pulled up the strings together for the benefit of the country. Everyone is together fighting against this pandemic. 

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The 2021 event will bring together more than 2,200 exhibitors and over 600 young designers, whenever the event is held. The criteria for the age of designers is below 35 years. Reorganising the event and welcoming the audience in 2021 would further require an updated investment of 250 million euros.

Everything will take place till then stay safe. Isolate yourself. Save your life and others too. 


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