Salone del Mobile hosts the world’s biggest design events. As Italy went into lockdown, the event was initially postponed for a short while. Salone del Mobile has now made the decision to completely cancel the 2020 edition. The decision was announced last week due to the fact that Italy is to remain in lockdown until Easter.

Even though the show was called off, all those involved in it have made collective efforts to help Italy fight the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. They have done so to get 545,000 masks from China to Italy.

Mask exchange

The officials in China had handed over surgical, type FFP2, FFP3, KN95, and N95 masks to the Italian embassy situated in Beijing. A press release states that the embassy is to hand these masks over to the Italian Red Cross.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

The Red Cross shall supply these masks to the health facilities in the country, where the need for protective equipment is vital. This is because of the shortage for personal protective gears for professionals on the frontline of fighting this pandemic.

Conditions across the globe

Although the conditions in China have improved drastically, Italy provided great early support to China. Thus, this gesture acts as China’s way of repaying Italy for its help. China has recovered so much so that Shanghai has opened up its government-run museums, with a limit in occupancy nonetheless.

Italy has begun to see a steady decrease in the daily number of cases as the strict lockdown shows its effects. This comes right in time as the shift of epicentre to the United States takes place.

The aim of this gesture

The move on Salone del Mobile’s part of securing protective masks for the health workers in Italy is commendable. This move has brought the Chinese and Italian design sectors closer together.

The gesture done by Salone del Mobile in coordination with VNU Exhibitions Asia is the industry’s way of expressing friendship while also stating their heart’s desire to be able to start working together soon.


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