On Tuesday night, a Santa Monica based architect was stabbed on the Metro E (Expo) Line in West Los Angeles. 

According to the reports, the stabbing incident occurred art around 8:30 PM. Four minors have been brought into police custody because of the incident.

What Witnesses Has To Say?

According to the witness’s statements, teenagers were loud when they board the train. 

Also, they were looking drunk. They become violent when a co-passenger tried to record their activities as a precaution. 

What Former Planning Commission Chair Reported?

Gwynne Pugh reported that he was stabbed in the knee while travelling in the Expo line. 

He was coming back to Santa Monica from Los Angeles downtown at around 8:30 PM. 

He also said that the teenager group ended up pinning down a passenger. 

When he saw a woman approaching the group with a knife, he tried to stop her. While stopping, he cut his knee while kicking at her. 

After that, when the train stopped at the Bundy station of Santa Monica, the police department of Los Angeles arrived. 

The police arrested all the four minors and taken into the custody right away. 

Gwynne Pugh Received The Treatment

After the teenagers’ arrest, Pugh proceeded to the medical emergency room at the Medical Center of Ronald Reagan UCLA.

He received multiple stitches on his knee. Also, the other injured man also broke his finger during the incident. 

Architect Gwynne Pugh is the owner of Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio

He is popular for the design contribution of the Downtown Santa Monica E Line station. 

He also worked on multiple housing projects located in the neighbourhood, including Colorado Court and Step Up on Fifth. 


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