Steel Price Per KG Today in India

If you want to know the Steel Rate or Steel Price Per KG for various brands in various cities of India then you are at the right place.

In this post, you will get to know the complete pricing of Steel with and without GST.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this post may vary slightly for different states and brands.

Steel Price Per KG Today


Steel Price Per KG without GST

Brand8mm Steel Price10mm Steel Price12mm Steel Price16mm Steel Price20mm Steel Price25mm Steel Price
Tata TisconRs. 73.13Rs. 71.54Rs. 70.47Rs. 70.50Rs. 70.53Rs. 70.36
Jindal PantherRs. 71.88Rs. 70.16Rs. 69.44Rs. 69.38Rs. 69.41Rs. 69.24
Birla TMTRs. 72.41Rs. 70.97Rs. 69.99Rs. 70.00Rs. 70.10Rs. 69.87
JSW SteelRs. 72.05Rs. 70.39Rs. 69.51Rs. 69.60Rs. 69.61Rs. 69.44
Vizag SteelRs. 75.26Rs. 74.04Rs. 73.80Rs. 73.61Rs. 73.61Rs. 73.61
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)Rs. 72.05Rs. 70.51Rs. 69.51Rs. 69.50Rs. 69.53Rs. 69.46
Ultra TMTRs. 73.49Rs. 73.25Rs. 72.29Rs. 72.05Rs. 71.90Rs. 71.11
SAILRs. 67.77Rs. 66.29Rs. 65.77Rs. 65.62Rs. 65.87Rs. 65.86
Shyam SteelRs. 71.70Rs. 70.51Rs. 69.75Rs. 69.77Rs. 69.82Rs. 69.65
SRMB SteelRs. 71.52Rs. 70.16Rs. 69.27Rs. 69.38Rs. 69.50Rs. 69.35
Essar TMTRs. 72.21Rs. 72.21Rs. 71.78Rs. 71.78Rs. 71.78Rs. 71.78
Radha TMTRs. 65.80Rs. 65.49Rs. 64.42Rs. 64.77Rs. 64.75Rs. 64.74
SEL Tiger TMTRs. 69.37Rs. 68.11Rs. 67.84Rs. 67.81Rs. 67.84Rs. 67.83

Steel Price Per KG Statewise

States8mm Steel Bar10mm Steel Bar12mm Steel Bar16mm Steel Bar20mm Steel Bar25mm Steel Bar
Bihar Steel priceRs. 86.5Rs. 84.5Rs. 84.00Rs. 83.75Rs. 83.75Rs. 83.75
Delhi Steel priceRs. 85.5Rs. 84.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00
Gujrat Steel priceRs. 84.25Rs. 82.25Rs. 81.75Rs. 81.75Rs. 81.50Rs. 81.50
Jharkhand Steel priceRs. 86.00Rs. 84.00Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50
Haryana Steel priceRs. 85.50Rs. 84.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00
Maharashtra Steel PriceRs. 84.50Rs. 82.50Rs. 81.75Rs. 81.75Rs. 81.75Rs. 81.75
Odhisa Steel priceRs. 85.25Rs. 83.25Rs. 82.75Rs. 82.75Rs. 82.75Rs. 82.75
Punjab Steel priceRs. 84.75Rs. 83.25Rs. 82.50Rs. 82.50Rs. 82.25Rs. 82.25
Rajasthan Steel priceRs. 86.00Rs. 84.25Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.50
Uttar Pradesh Steel priceRs. 86.00Rs. 84.50Rs. 83.75Rs. 83.75Rs. 83.75Rs. 83.75
West Bengal Steel priceRs. 85.75Rs. 83.50Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00Rs. 83.00

Steel Price Per KG with GST

Brand8mm Steel Price10mm Steel Price12mm Steel Price16mm Steel Price20mm Steel Price25mm Steel Price
Tata TisconRs. 86.29Rs. 84.42Rs. 83.15Rs. 83.19Rs. 83.23Rs. 83.02
Jindal PantherRs. 84.82Rs. 82.79Rs. 81.94Rs. 81.87Rs. 81.90Rs. 81.70
Birla TMTRs. 85.44Rs. 83.74Rs. 82.59Rs. 82.60Rs. 82.72Rs. 82.45
JSW SteelRs. 85.02Rs. 83.06Rs. 82.02Rs. 82.13Rs. 82.14Rs. 81.94
Vizag SteelRs. 88.81Rs. 87.37Rs. 87.08Rs. 86.86Rs. 86.86Rs. 86.86
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)Rs. 85.02Rs. 83.20Rs. 82.02Rs. 82.01Rs. 82.05Rs. 81.96
Ultra TMTRs. 86.72Rs. 86.44Rs. 85.30Rs. 85.02Rs. 84.84Rs. 83.91
SAILRs. 79.97Rs. 78.22Rs. 77.61Rs. 77.43Rs. 77.73Rs. 77.71
Shyam SteelRs. 84.61Rs. 83.20Rs. 82.31Rs. 82.33Rs. 82.39Rs. 82.19
SRMB SteelRs. 84.39Rs. 82.79Rs. 81.74Rs. 81.87Rs. 82.01Rs. 81.83
Essar TMTRs. 85.21Rs. 85.21Rs. 84.70Rs. 84.70Rs. 84.70Rs. 84.70
Radha TMTRs. 77.64Rs. 77.28Rs. 76.02Rs. 76.43Rs. 76.41Rs. 76.39
SEL Tiger TMTRs. 81.86Rs. 80.37Rs. 80.05Rs. 80.02Rs. 80.05Rs. 80.04

Steel Price Per Ton without GST

Brand8mm Steel Price10mm Steel Price12mm Steel Price16mm Steel Price20mm Steel Price25mm Steel Price
Tata TisconRs. 73,130Rs. 71,540Rs. 70,470Rs. 70,500Rs. 70,530Rs. 70,360
Jindal PantherRs. 71,880Rs. 70,160Rs. 69,440Rs. 69,380Rs. 69,410Rs. 69,240
Birla TMTRs. 72,410Rs. 70,970Rs. 69,990Rs. 70,000Rs. 70,100Rs. 69,870
JSW SteelRs. 72,050Rs. 70,390Rs. 69,510Rs. 69,600Rs. 69,610Rs. 69,440
Vizag SteelRs. 75,260Rs. 74,040Rs. 73,800Rs. 73,610Rs. 73,610Rs. 73,610
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)Rs. 72,050Rs. 70,510Rs. 69,510Rs. 69,500Rs. 69,530Rs. 69,460
Ultra TMTRs. 73,490Rs. 73,250Rs. 72,290Rs. 72,050Rs. 71,900Rs. 71,110
SAILRs. 67,770Rs. 66,290Rs. 65,770Rs. 65,620Rs. 65,870Rs. 65,860
Shyam SteelRs. 71,700Rs. 70,510Rs. 69,750Rs. 69,770Rs. 69,820Rs. 69,650
SRMB SteelRs. 71,520Rs. 70,160Rs. 69,270Rs. 69,380Rs. 69,500Rs. 69,350
Essar TMTRs. 72,210Rs. 72,210Rs. 71,780Rs. 71,780Rs. 71,780Rs. 71,780
Radha TMTRs. 65,800Rs. 65,490Rs. 64,420Rs. 64,770Rs. 64,750Rs. 64,740
SEL Tiger TMTRs. 69,370Rs. 68,110Rs. 67,840Rs. 67,810Rs. 67,840Rs. 67,830

Steel Price Per Ton with GST

Brand8mm Steel Price10mm Steel Price12mm Steel Price16mm Steel Price20mm Steel Price25mm Steel Price
Tata TisconRs. 86,293Rs. 84,417Rs. 83,155Rs. 83,190Rs. 83,225Rs. 83,025
Jindal PantherRs. 84,818Rs. 82,789Rs. 81,939Rs. 81,868Rs. 81,904Rs. 81,703
Birla TMTRs. 85,444Rs. 83,745Rs. 82,588Rs. 82,600Rs. 82,718Rs. 82,447
JSW SteelRs. 85,019Rs. 83,060Rs. 82,022Rs. 82,128Rs. 82,140Rs. 81,939
Vizag SteelRs. 88,807Rs. 87,367Rs. 87,084Rs. 86,860Rs. 86,860Rs. 86,860
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)Rs. 85,019Rs. 83,202Rs. 82,022Rs. 82,010Rs. 82,045Rs. 81,963
Ultra TMTRs. 86,718Rs. 86,435Rs. 85,302Rs. 85,019Rs. 84,842Rs. 83,910
SAILRs. 79,969Rs. 78,222Rs. 77,609Rs. 77,432Rs. 77,727Rs. 77,715
Shyam SteelRs. 84,606Rs. 83,202Rs. 82,305Rs. 82,329Rs. 82,388Rs. 82,187
SRMB SteelRs. 84,394Rs. 82,789Rs. 81,739Rs. 81,868Rs. 82,010Rs. 81,833
Essar TMTRs. 85,208Rs. 85,208Rs. 84,700Rs. 84,700Rs. 84,700Rs. 84,700
Radha TMTRs. 77,644Rs. 77,278Rs. 76,016Rs. 76,429Rs. 76,405Rs. 76,393
SEL Tiger TMTRs. 81,857Rs. 80,370Rs. 80,051Rs. 80,016Rs. 80,051Rs. 80,039

Steel Price Per Ton Statewise

States8mm Steel Bar10mm Steel Bar12mm Steel Bar16mm Steel Bar20mm Steel Bar25mm Steel Bar
Bihar Steel priceRs. 86,500Rs. 84,500Rs. 84,000Rs. 83,750Rs. 83,750Rs. 83,750
Delhi Steel priceRs. 85,500Rs. 84,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000
Gujrat Steel priceRs. 84,250Rs. 82,250Rs. 81,750Rs. 81,750Rs. 81,500Rs. 81,500
Jharkhand Steel priceRs. 86,000Rs. 84,000Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500
Haryana Steel priceRs. 85,500Rs. 84,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000
Maharashtra Steel PriceRs. 84,500Rs. 82,500Rs. 81,750Rs. 81,750Rs. 81,750Rs. 81,750
Odhisa Steel priceRs. 85,250Rs. 83,250Rs. 82,750Rs. 82,750Rs. 82,750Rs. 82,750
Punjab Steel priceRs. 84,750Rs. 83,250Rs. 82,500Rs. 82,500Rs. 82,250Rs. 82,250
Rajasthan Steel priceRs. 86,000Rs. 84,250Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,500
Uttar Pradesh Steel priceRs. 86,000Rs. 84,500Rs. 83,750Rs. 83,750Rs. 83,750Rs. 83,750
West Bengal Steel priceRs. 85,750Rs. 83,500Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 83,000

Steel Prices in various cities in India

CitySteel Price without GSTSteel Price with GST
BhavnagarRs. 53,000Rs. 62,540
ChennaiRs. 52,800Rs. 62,304
DelhiRs. 51,500Rs. 60,770
DurgapurRs. 47,700Rs. 56,286
GhaziabadRs. 51,000Rs. 60,180
GoaRs. 52,300Rs. 61,714
HyderabadRs. 50,000Rs. 59,000
IndoreRs. 52,000Rs. 61,360
JaipurRs. 50,700Rs. 59,826
JalnaRs. 52,800Rs. 62,304
KanpurRs. 54,000Rs. 63,720
KolkataRs. 47,700Rs. 56,286
Mandi GobindgarhRs. 51,600Rs. 60,888
MumbaiRs. 53,500Rs. 63,130
MuzaffarnagarRs. 49,800Rs. 58,764
NagpurRs. 50,300Rs. 59,354
RaigarhRs. 48,000Rs. 56,640
RaipurRs. 50,500Rs. 59,590
RourkelaRs. 49,000Rs. 57,820

Steel Price for Top Steel Brands

Brands8 mm(Fe 500)10 mm(Fe 500)12 mm(Fe 500)16 mm(Fe 500)20 mm(Fe 500)25 mm(Fe 500)
TATA Tiscon75000/ton518/Piece630/piece1754/piece1594/piece2741/piece
JSW Steel34400/ton35000/ton62000/ton62000/ton62000/ton62000/ton
Kamdhenu42000/ton43000/ton68000/ton60000/ton58100/ton 62000/ton
Prime gold39000/ton60000/ton51500/ton71000/ton39000/ton62,000/ton
A1 Gold10000/ton42500/ton69000/ton70000/ton78000/ton78000/ton
Ultra TMT38000/ton58755/ton57575/ton96300/ton55665/ton96300/ton
Tirupati TMT56550/ton55550/ton53500/ton54500/ton54500/ton54500/ton
Birla TMT70000/ton568/piece54500/ton1451/piece2268/piece3535/piece

Steel Price for Different Products

Steel ProductsCost of steel (per Kg)Cost of steel (per tonne)Cost of steel (per pound)
Steel Rebar47.54750021.5
Wire Rod46.34630021.0
Sections and beams45.84580020.8
Merchant bar48.24820021.9
Hot rolled coil63.56350028.8
Hot rolled plate656500029.5
Cold rolled coil757500034.0
Hot dipped Galvanised coil858500038.6

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