In case, you are in search of a new apartment with moderate rents in a big city, you might fancy for some smaller than desired size type of apartments. If you are staying all by yourself or looking forward to staying with your roommate, you can choose between a Studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment.

Though both of these types are quite similar in offering you the comfort of a day to day life, they have certain differences.

However, before making the decision, it’s essential to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the type and stay informed while making the right decision.

Looking at the essential parameters of both Studio & 1 Bedroom Apartment

Whether you are looking for the first-ever apartment or simply searching for a home that meets with your preferences, the decision must be made based on numerous parameters.

The layouts of both apartments have their individual advantages. It’s essential to choose the right layout. Besides, depending on the location, you have to look at the specific apartment features. When the choice is made based on budget, personal preferences and space, you will get ideas about the buying decision related to studio vs 1 bedroom.

In case you are choosing to live alone, it’s better to choose a one-bedroom apartment. However, some others may feel the necessity of a studio.

What is a studio apartment?

Studio Apartment

Studio apartment refers to the combined single room that comes with the open floor space. This layout means that there are no walls and separations to divide the room into different sections. The bathroom will be separate but the living room, studio bedroom and kitchen will be connected to each other. The entire large room works in the form of the main living area.


Who finds this kind of apartment as a better choice?

The comfy and concise rooms are perfect for some renters who like staying alone. However, it is essential to note that renters who choose space, privacy, and keeping friends or family will find studio apartment impractical.

Studio Apartment Floor Plan

Moreover, some residents take time to adjust to the sleeping area that is in proximity to the kitchen. There is a problem in the manner that whenever you are cooking something in the kitchen, you can get that lingering smell all-around your home. This aspect really becomes troublesome while sleeping.

So, the studio apartments are good enough for single renters in cities where the price for renting is quite high. People usually choose to go with this option because the all-in-one studio saves money. You don’t have to compromise with the quality.

Pros & Cons of Studio Apartment


  • Rents in a studio apt are inexpensive and let you save a lot of money.
  • The Ambiance is cozy.
  • Much furniture is not needed to decorate the place, so it’s great for young people and bachelors.
  • Some Studios have great designs with unique features like exposed ceiling and brick wall.


  • The area is really compact.
  • In case you have to bring your friends, family or guests at your place, you won’t find adequate space for them.
  • It’s hard to time for the residents to fit a lot of belongings in these apartments. So, if you love to keep sophisticated stuff, this apartment is unfit for you.
  • The lingering smell from the kitchen directly into the living area causes suffocation.
  • Most of these apartments don’t have space for a closet. So, you have to store your clothes right into a dress or a clothing rack.

One-bedroom apartment

One-Bedroom Apartment

One-bedroom apartment refers to the space that has a bedroom completely separated from the main living space. The typical apartment holds a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen that is separated from the living areas. Sometimes if there is adequate space, you will get a living or dining room that is associated with the kitchen.

Thus, getting an open floor concept is an advantage of 1 bedroom apartments when compared to the studio apartments. They are typically more spacious. So, hosting a party or bringing your family becomes much easier.

Who finds this apartment as a better option?

People who are habituated in living in a very compact space will usually prefer a one-bedroom apartment. These spacious areas are quite breathable thus letting you stay peacefully without any hassles. This apartment ensures that you won’t get the lingering smells in your bedroom.

One-Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

Moreover, if you have the habit of partying at home and calling your friends or family repeatedly, this apartment is the best.

Pros & Cons of One Bedroom Apartment


  • There is ample space to spread out.
  • In case your bedroom stays messy over days together, you can shut the door simply and take your guest to some other room.
  • If it happens so that your family or friends come to meet you, there will be the availability of adequate space to maintain your privacy while giving them room to feel comfortable


  • When you are having more space in your home, it means that you have to purchase furniture and additional room decor to make the place look beautiful.
  • Renting such an apartment is really expensive.
  • Regular cleaning is essential while you choose such an apartment.

Studio vs 1 Bedroom Apartment
How to make the right decision?

Infographic: Studio Vs 1 Bedroom – What to choose?

By now you have got a clear idea about how the studio and one-bedroom apartment are quite distinct from each other. Each of them has their separate layouts, advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the appeal, it is essential to look into certain sectors before making the decision.


Renting a Studio apartment is generally cheaper when compared to the 1 bedroom apartment. However, it is essential to note that the price rates are different according to the population of the city.

A city that has a huge population will demand a higher rent than an isolated area. In general, studios are a few dollars cheaper when compared to the 1 bedroom apartments. Depending upon the luxury and square footage, the price rates vary a lot.

However, when you take a keen interest in the advantages of renting the one-bedroom apartment, the savings are not enough to justify the factor of owning a studio apartment.

Lifestyle and choices

Lifestyle is an essential factor that needs consideration. If you like the idea of hosting a party at your place or calling guests every weekend, the better idea is to get a one-bedroom apartment because it will give ample space for relaxing to the guest. They will feel at home when they have a personal area.

Moreover, if you love owning a line of room decor products to decorate the well-furnished house, studio apartment does not suffice. You will enjoy having much space for storage and a place that will give you the luxury lifestyle you have had always dreamt of. The advice is to choose a one-bedroom apartment if you are looking for a luxury lifestyle.


Since a one-bedroom unit offers more space and is quite comfortable to keep two people at a time, it becomes a superb choice.

If you are planning to shift into a new apartment with your significant other/ a friend/ a cousin, a one-bedroom apartment will work as the better option. On the other hand, the studio apartment is not quite small. It’s better for people who choose to stay alone and save a lot of money. They can plan out their living space to fit their needs and prepare space for additional storage.

Final Word:

The verdict is- if you are choosing to keep multiple people in your home, it is better to go ahead with a one-bedroom apartment.

From the above article, it is clear about how to make the right decision between the one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment. Besides all the above factors, you have to pay attention to the location where you are deciding to move. Whatever the choice maybe, it’s good to remember that the home that matches your preferences will be the key to your peaceful life. So think wisely, go through the parameters repeatedly before making a decision. All the best!


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