Furniture designers, manufacturers, as well as design students get an opportunity, this year too, to display their creativity through pinnacle awards competition. In this contest, entries are invited from different designers to nurture creative designs of furniture and its accessories.

Pinnacle Awards Competition

The international society of Furniture Designers conducts this competition, the results of which will be announced on Monday,  October 19th, 2020, at annual IFSD Pinnacle awards Gala held at High Point University’s Congdon School of Health Sciences between 6 Pm to 9 Pm that day.

John Conrad, executive director of the International Society of furniture designs opines that he is very much excited to see the novel design entries. He also added that judging such an event is increasingly becoming difficult due to the significant improvement in the talent of the designers.

The best of the entries will be selected and presented to the best as well as the most modern design. The recipient of this prestigious award would be a person who has put in years of effort and directly involved in the making of the design. The tickets will be available for sale during September, and the design manufactured in large numbers would be chosen to be the best design picked from all the entries.

There are different categories are offered in which entries will be accepted that includes: 

  1. Wall decor: Furnishings that gives a complete look to a room.  Wall art, painting to improve the appearance of the room, are not included in this entry.
  2. Floor coverings: This category includes all the items placed on the floor to decorate it. Beautiful floor cloths fall under this category.
  3. Home office: The best one would be the design, which improves the functionality of the home office within minimum space.
  4. Furniture accessories: Any beautiful accessory that can go well with the furniture in a homestead.
  5. Bedroom luxury: The bedroom piece that is above $3000, and it can be a set of 4 pieces or a standalone single piece.
  6. Leather upholstery: The upholstery with a price above $5000 and is made with leather material.
  7. The green leaf award category: A particular furniture design that meets the requirements of the eco- friendly product standards.
  8. Student Pinnacle Award: Any of the above category entries designed by students.


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