Taksim Urban Design Competition is a two-stage international design competition. IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) organizes this event, and their objective is to reshape the Taksim Square. 

IMM Entry invites architects, city planners, and landscape architects to submit their entries for the competition. 

Foreign entries are also welcome in the competition. There are specific rules they need to follow. 

The candidate’s team must have at least an architect, landscape architect, and a city planner. 

Two Stages of Taksim Urban Design Competition

The competition is divided into two stages – 

1. Project Submission

In the first stage, landscape architects, architects, or city planners need to submit their design projects to the Cultural Assets Preservation Department of IMM.

Projects can be submitted either as an individual or in teams. The last date for the project submission is 10th May 2020.

2. Project Assessment and Winner Announcement

The second stage of the competition will begin with project filtering. Only 20 projects will move to the final stage of the competition.

Passed projects then need to submit a second application with a new project. The last date for the second project submission is 29th June 2020. 

The judging panel will start assessing these projects from 3rd July 2020 and will announce the winners on 18th July 2020. 

Prize of Taksim Urban Design Competition 2020

Projects that Pass the First Stage of the Competition

Each project that passed the first stage of the competition is likely to receive €5000.  

Projects that Pass the Second Stage of the Competition

Out of these 20 projects, 3 designs that pass the second stage of the competition will get prize money of €50000. 

Honourable Mention Awards

Apart from the above, there will be prize money of €10000 for five honourable mentions. 

Judging Panel of Taksim Urban Design Competition

The jury team includes some popular architects and industry experts. The jury includes – 

  1. Mr. Kerem Piker (Lead The Jury Panel) (Architect), 
  2. Ms. Ayşe Zeynep Ahunbay (Architect), 
  3. Mrs. İpek Akpınar Aksugür (Architect), 
  4. Mr. Manuel de Rivero (Architect), 
  5. Ms. Arzu Kutkam (Landscape architect), 
  6. Mr. Rainer Schmid (Landscape architect), and
  7. Mr. Can Kubin (Urban planner). 

Apart from the above, there will be a jury consulting panel including – 

  1. Ekrem İmamoğlu (Istanbul Mayor), 
  2. Tayfun Kahraman (Department Head of ERMUI), 
  3. Mahir Polat (Head of Cultural Assets Conservation, IMM),
  4. Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu (Deputy secretary-general of the IMM),  
  5. Ömer Yılmaz (Competitions Coordinator of IPA),
  6. Hayri Haydar Karabey (Architect), and 
  7. Korhan Gümüş (Architect). 

For more info, visit this website.


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