Tesla’s latest Model 3 sedan that is made in China has a new update to match the features of the Model Y. The new Model 3 is under production in the Giga factory in Shanghai. They produce 200,000 of the Model 3 sedans every year.

Initially, Tesla offered the Standard Range plus of Model 3 available. Then we saw the expansion to the Long Range and Performance variants.

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All Images Courtesy: JayInShanghai(A Tesla Owner) via Twitter

Photographs of the updated version of the Model 3 sedan are now making the rounds on Twitter.

Comparing the two models

Although the two models seem similar, a closer look proves otherwise. The two models share a whopping 75% of the same parts.

Model Y holds a larger space for cargo and has third-row seats. When Tesla began delivering the Model Y’s to the pre-ordered customer in March, the range of features was surprising to most.

The electric SUV has a Qi wireless phone charger as part of the interior package. This wireless phone charger is available separately in the Model 3 sedan. But now, Tesla made changes to have this quality as a part of the standard product.

The new updated version of Model 3 that will be produced in China as soon as production begins will have USB-C ports. Previously the Model 3 featured USB ports of the previous generation.

More details

Any Tesla-owners having the previous model of the car, they can order the same wireless phone charger as the one installed in the new versions.

The wireless charging feature and the USB-C ports are a vital component to the electric car. This is because most devices today require fast-charging available to them. Apple and Samsung devices have wireless charging capabilities in most of their new devices.


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