Every year the American Institute of Architects chooses 115-116 architects as fellows to honor them for the contributions they make to this profession. 

The American Institute of Architects came up with a program to recognize and encourage the contribution to the advancement of standards of education in the field of architecture. 

It helps in the overall development of the standard of life of those who live in the best environment.

Randy Deutsch is one of the other 116 members to be honoured on 15th May 2020 at the annual conference in Los Angeles. On the day of felicitation, he will talk on the topic ” How will Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and autonomous design impact firms?”

Randy Deutsch is a professor as well as a licensed architect, who has completed designing 100 sustainable projects. He is also a recipient of the prestigious American Institute of Architects Chicago young architect award. 

He has published many articles in trade publications and is a member of the Chicago Architectural club’s Board of Directors and the American Institute of Architects Chicago board. 

He has gathered the pebbles of wisdom through the experience gained while associated with the school of architecture for 8 years. He was working as a principal and design director of Deutsh Insights Inc for 22 years.


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