Vienna university engineers have built a bridge with a modern idea using an umbrella technique. The bridge carries a handle in the center and two spokes which are quite contrary to each other. The concept is believed to be a unique approach.

The umbrella bridge is placed over a Lafnitz river (border of Austria & Hungary). Bridgeworks using girders that can meet on top and wrap smoothly downwards.

Umbrella Method of Bridge Building

The bridge consists of thin-bar mounted material with steel sheet. Once they have reached their horizontal position, they are loaded with concrete.

Both girders are 54tons, the stretched-out bridge is connected using suspended girders, appears in 116-meters long. The Bridge is vertically high and can be bent with the support of hydraulic connections that gradually lowers an umbrella subjective movement.

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The Umbrella bridge design was previously patented in the year 2006. The initial application of the bridge was undertaken by ASFINAG (presently working on s7 motorway). Examination of the bridge, practical working reached so long stretch to fix many challenges about how best the bridge can be folded.

Johann Kollegger Professor of Institute of Structural Engineering (TU) expresses this unique bridge is cost-efficient and also saves enough time and money. The olden bridges are made up of small blocks using piers as bearings vertically which is extremely time-consuming.

The paper design admitted that the bridge will be of 236ft tall and can be set up within a minimal time span than other bridges which would take months. It is a semi-finished structure and a safer process for workers without considerable efforts.

Kollegger tells the bridge durability is the same as other bridges made using classical techniques. The smooth balanced method is certainly worthwhile in turf areas. He also recalled that it is quicker, smoother, a cheaper process which additionally involves less natural impact.


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