Community is referred to as the camp Restoration, a tiny home community for veterans off Dixie Highway. It comprises 25 homes which indeed in small size for veterans and their family members. The club’s mission is to provide support to veterans in all feasible ways.

Students in their designing program are making tiny homes out of large shipping containers for indigent veterans. This veteran’s club is striving hard on designing for their needy veterans.

March 5th morning, the students shared all their designs with Jeremy Harrell (founder of the Veteran’s club). They gave refreshing suggestions to him and he said everyone’s design will be selected mostly.

He also mentioned care should be taken while designing about safety and should be designed according to the Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or other. He also pointed they should have easy access to move from one room to another room.

Veterans can stay in the community at least a year for free with aiding the requirements. The club assumes that after a year they can live on their own. They are hoping veterans will be in their homes by 2021.

Jeremy Harrell concluded homeless Veterans and their families will be thankful for the designer students of Louisville. 



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