Vintage Pickin carriers the flea market style and thought to be the best outdoor display. It had organized an event on March 6th and 7th of 2020 in which 45 vendors and antiques for the home, handmade, food trucks, speciality drinks, and refreshments were offered.

The event is handled by the event organizer, Ann Campos. According to her event is the fun road trip day. Event spreads from Mississippi River (west) to Lake Michigan (east) and Steven’s point(north).

Campos quoted that vintage purchase turned into a trend and acknowledged all the homemakers, tv programs and newspapers for this remarkable achievement. She also confessed that the Facebook page has increased to more than thirty thousand followers from the beginning of the event.

She predicted that over 400 local markets (north and south) and 20 locations throughout McHenry country, will have a part in a vintage store. The Event had home decors, antique stores, consignment stores, etc.

All the competing stores had in-store promotions for weekend display, such as offers, free demonstration, objectives for re-purposing the old things, return gifts, games, snacks, desserts. The Event also encouraged their neighbouring state, which created uniqueness and significant sense.

Shops joined up with entertaining schemes for providing viable discounts like turn-the-wheel, colour demos, pop-a-balloon and simultaneously generating promotion through punch-card. This event generated fun for many groups of friends, they celebrated by wearing the same code of t-shirts.

Campos cannot even express how successful the event was. She just said that through feedback received from store owners that it was the busiest day.


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