Recently, Vishion announced the winners of Interior Design Award Competition 2020. Vishion is an interior design startup company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

This award recognizes extraordinary interior designers who display the passion for their work. The work includes complicated shade palettes in a single area design across – 

  1. Materials,
  2. Textiles,
  3. Staging, and
  4. Space Planning to match the emotions

Who is The Winner of Interior Design Award 2020? 

Maureen Stevens of Maureen Stevens Design wins the Interior Design Award competition in 2020. 

She won prize money of $5000 and resides in New Orleans. 

She has clients in different cities, including Houston; the project place of the champion submission is Houston. 

What Stevens Has to Say?

According to Stevens, the perfect nailing and colour selection can be very tricky. The Vishion mobile app enables the use of Pantone colours. 

Therefore, they do not consider hues just as a secondary or primary element of the design, but it runs the whole gamut. 

In other words, Pantone colours help to obtain the tricky decor or art to equal the deep English fern and a historic green easily.  

What Vishion CMO Has To Say? 

Bryan McCarter, the CMO (chief marketing officer), said that designers create an astounding community that promotes skill and talent to appreciate. 

Also, he added that it’s an honour to be a part of such an amazing community. 

In addition, he said that we appreciate the creative and innovative design professional s of the community. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing experience to see the judges deciding the best among so many wonderful submissions. 

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Complete List of 2020 Interior Design Award

  1. Maureen Stevens, Grand prize winner
  2. Mod Punch, Regional winner in Georgia
  3. Obelisk Home, Regional winner in Missouri
  4. Designs by Human, Regional winner in New York
  5. New South Home, Regional winner in the Carolinas
  6. Transition State, Regional winner in Southern California

Who Were The Judges?

The judges are industry experts. Here is the complete list of judges that decides the award winners. 

  1. Anne England, President & Co-founder of social responsibility at Industry West
  2. Michelle Workman, Interior Designer ​
  3. Tiffany Brooks, Interior Designer & HGTV Host
  4. Danielle Arps, Interior Designer
  5. Kelly Clifford, Co-founder of Kavka Designs
  6. Lynai Jones, CEO & Owner of Mitchell Black


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