Top 10 Best Construction Companies in Chennai(2022)

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Here is the list of Top 10 Construction Companies in Chennai

A city of blossoming opportunities and beauty at every corner one peaks; Chennai is in its own league when it comes to architecture. With beautiful high-rises lining the horizon of Chennai, the companies to peruse are no less.

To choose among the real estate development firms and construction companies in Chennai would be a task for the fearless. From mesmerizing aesthetics to some of the best design and quality; these firms offer it all and some more. Here are some of the top construction companies in Chennai and a short profile on each to give you a peek into their work and more.

List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Chennai


1. Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited (CCCL)

CCCL is a notable construction company that has projects spread all across the country. Their grit and innovation make them an ISO certified company with years of industry knowledge.

This real estate development firm has several regional offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and more, with Chennai being their headquarters. The company has recently begun its international journey in the Middle East.

Their services include construction, engineering, and project management. Their projects encompass commercial complexes, industrial structures and institutions, resorts, hotels, biotech parks and IT parks as well. CCCL is well known for its precast pre-stressed structures, pre-engineered structures, and their shell structures.

Address: #8/33, Padmayathiyar Road, Jeypore Colony, Gopalapuram, Chennai – 600086

Phone: 044-2345 4500

Fax: 044-2499 0225



2. Signet Foundations

Signet Foundations has an array of attractive projects led by its group of first-class engineers and construction professionals. They are involved in the construction of flats, bungalows, commercial complexes, warehouses, infrastructure projects, and other fabrication works such as pipelines and more.

They further extend their services to interior design and rental and resale as well. With the core values of quality, beauty, and durability in mind; there is nothing this real estate development firm cannot achieve.

The company has been in this industry for close to three decades now and is known for being the most reputed construction company in the game. This can be attributed to their strong ethical business practices, high levels of satisfaction, and successful outcomes for their clients’ liking.

Address: Harris Flats, G-1, No. 47, Harris Road, Sayee Nagar Annexe, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600092

Phone: +91-44-2479 3944/ 2479 8900



3. Doshi Housing

An experienced real estate development firm, Doshi is coming up on their 38th year running as a construction company. In all their 37 years of glory, this company has served 3100 clients, with their projects covering a whopping 3,65 million square feet in total.

They describe themselves as being a responsive people-oriented organization with their stringent quality standards and customer-centric working. Their projects fall under both, the residential and commercial segments. Their projects include entry-level to premium level projects, mass housings, and exclusive residencies in all the upcoming locations.

Doshi ensures to follow their core values that revolve around the quality of materials, innovative design, and workmanship. They employ reputed consultants, architects, and many other associates to ensure the best for their clients.

Address: 9th floor, Doshi Towers, 156 Ponnamalee High Road, Kilpauk – 600010

Phone:+91-88079 88079, +91-44-4353 9150/9160

Fax: +91-44-2836 0848



4. Bharat Engineering Construction Company Pvt Ltd.

Established in 2006 with headquarters in Chennai, BECC is on a fast-track growth plan as a construction company. The company runs on values such as reliability, expertise, and quality.

Under the environmental engineering sector, they undertake basic infrastructure projects such as water supply, waste management, and more. Under the transportation sector, they work on roads, bridges, flyovers, and such. Finally, under the irrigation sector, they work on dams, irrigation canals, and more.

Apart from that, BECC is also involved in commercial complexes, apartments, IT parks, and townships. With their expert personnel’s brilliant planning and teamwork, they manage to deliver successful projects to their clients.

Address: Jhaver Plaza, No. 1A, 6th floor, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam – 600034

Phone: 044-4214 4210, 044-2827 3317/18/19

Fax: 044-4214 4209



5. ASV Construction Pvt Ltd.

ASV Constructions, part of the ASV Group, is a leading company in the real estate development industry and is based in Chennai, India. This construction company is known for pioneering the concept of the development of commercial complexes in and around residential areas.

Conceived in 2000, ASV covers 3 million square feet with a host of commercial complexes sprinkled all across the city of Chennai. They also cover an additional 6 million square feet in pipeline projects and another 6 million square feet in residential plots and more.

Their projects include luxury condominiums, duplexes, row houses, and apartments that fit the needs of the client. The team at ASV ensure the combination of local knowledge and global expertise to create some of the most renowned landmarks in Chennai. They owe their success to excellent personnel, brilliant systems, and a panel of eminent architects and engineers.

Address: 59, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600010

Phone: +91-44-2661 1406/1407

Fax: +91-44-2661 1405



6. RSN Engineering and Construction (RSNECC)

A leading construction company based in Chennai, RSNECC specializes in the department of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Their services fall in the design, manufacturing, construction, and field services.

They take up the mechanical, piping, pipeline, electrical, and fabrication work. Along with that they also dabble in civil, structural, road, and bridge projects. They work closely in the Oil, Gas, Power sectors and the process, petrochemical, and water industries, and transportation infrastructure.

Through its core values of quality above everything and complete transparency with their clients, RSNECC has been able to deliver their best work. Their team of accomplished construction professionals ensures to put their best foot forward when it comes to their projects and it clearly shows in their successful outcomes.

Address: Block No.1, Unit A, Door No. 184-187, 3rd floor, Temple Steps, Anna Salai, Little Mount, Chennai – 600015

Phone: 044-2476 2990, 044-2482 5527



7. Malles Construction

An old name in the industry, Malles Construction was founded 40 years ago, in 1980. It is one of the respectable real estate conglomerates in Chennai. Through the years, although circumstances may have changed, their values and determination to fulfill their client’s dreams have always remained the same.

They have constantly maintained a customer satisfaction index at a hundred percent through ideal ricing and client customization. Their team of innovative construction professionals ensures modern concepts mixed with impeccable design. Their quality of work remains solid with their complete adherence to guidelines, transparency, and resources.

Malles’ projects span land measuring 20 million square feet with their client portfolio reaching 10,000 satisfied clients. In 2020 alone, the Malles construction company has played its magic with 127 projects already.

Address: No.19, Tanjore Road, Near Panagal Park, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017

Phone: 044-44436666, 9176833374

Fax: 044-42124354



8. Shree Ramajayam Road Construction

Touted as being the leaders in Road and Infrastructure Development, Shree Ramajayam Road Construction has been in the race for 12 learning years now. They also take up construction and Project management, their team of civil engineers is all-rounders, to say the least.

They have participated in the construction of several landmarks across Chennai. This was possible through their attention to quality and the availing of the best resources. They hold an enviable portfolio, possible only through their drive to take up complex and challenging projects often.

Their biggest client happens to be the Chennai State Highways Department, for whom they have laid innumerable roads. They use only the best equipment run by a reliable team of civil engineers, architects, and other construction professionals.

Address: Bhuhna Vila, No. 31/34, Saravana Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017

Phone: 044-2436 5550, +91 9361115555/ 9361114444



9. India Builders Limited

In 1987, two highly qualified civil engineers, J. Uttam Kumar and C. Thambikalaignan launched their brainchild, India Builders Limited. From working on one project in a year to becoming a highly accomplished construction company in Chennai, India Builder has done it all.

With headquarters in Chennai, this construction company also has a regional office in Coimbatore. India Builders Limited is among the very few real estate development firms that strictly follow inflexible international quality standards, thus attracting a lot of foreign investors to their business.

Their services are vouched for by more than 1500 clients, satisfied by their quality projects. India Builders Limited’s project now spans over 2 million square feet. They mainly work on apartments, properties, flats, and living spaces in the city of Chennai. They remain the best by ensuring the use of the latest technology and embracing effective building methods along with the use of the best resources.

Address: 3rd Street, 3rd Main Road, AA-36, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040

Phone: +91 9092223553, +91-44-2621 3553



10. Arun Excello Group

The Arun Excello Group was established three decades ago, in the year 1987. It was originally named “Arun Fabricators” and was established by four young and aspiring engineer entrepreneurs, who with big dreams in mind started what was to become a very reliable construction company in Chennai.

Primarily, The Arun Excello Group worked on business contracts in the Oil and Chemical industries. They began with a specialization in the execution of mechanical jobs on a contract basis. To compare where they started and where they are today is astonishing. As they soon ventured into various other industries with their knowledge of industrial civil engineering, they came out to become a reliable company in their field, both in the nation and abroad as well.

Their projects now span 6 million square feet and this construction company has now completed more than 60 highly successful projects in their lifetime. Over the last 34 years, the Arun Excello Group has made more the 7000 clients happy. Now they focus on three main projects; Industrial, Real Estate, and Hospitality.

Address: Bhattad Towers, #18, West Cott Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014

Phone: +91-44-2841 2841



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Final Words

To choose one construction from some of the best to be found in Chennai listed above would have to be a very tough decision. Hopefully, these profiles of some of the finest construction companies and real estate development firms Chennai has to offer can help you choose the one that fits you best.

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