Top 10 Best Construction Companies in Qatar(2022)

Are you looking for the Best Construction Companies in Qatar? Here is the list of Top 10 Construction Companies in Qatar ✅✅✅.

In our lives we have always thought of living in our own dream houses where we will build the house as per our wish and our whole family will be under one roof. Isn’t that awesome just thinking about the whole family in a single house? 

We try to make this dream come true by working day and night and once we decide to construct a house we cannot take any chances on it. The house we are gonna build must have all the facilities, must be safe and strong for a longer period. 

This can be possible if one gives enough attention and importance during the construction of the house. One of the important factors is finding a construction company in Qatar.

Yes, you heard it right. It is very difficult to find the best construction company in Qatar that has a perfect background and happy and satisfied clients. Every company can’t construct a perfect building due to its lack of knowledge and experience. 

There are only a few companies that can choose the right materials, hire skilled laborers, deliver in time, and so on. In this article, we have listed some of the companies that possess all the qualities that have been mentioned above. 

Hope you find your suitable partner today. Let us go through it one by one in deep.

List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Qatar


1. Harinsa Contracting Company

Address: Qatari Bin Al Fujaah St، Al Mana Plaza Building, 6th Floor، Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4468 8420



2. Gulf Contracting Company

Address: 309 C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4499 4499



3. Midmac Contracting Co

Address: C Ring Road، New Slata Interchange، Doha, 1758, Qatar

Phone: +974 4452 9452



4. Alcat Contracting Company

Address: 7G8W+9W6، first Floor, Alfareej Building, Toyota Signal، C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4443 4241



5. Qatar Building Company

Address: Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4462 5555



6. Qcon

Address: WC8C+8V4, Unnamed Road, Ad-Daẖirah, Qatar

Phone: +974 4458 7200


Website: +974 4458 7200

7. Al Ali Engineering

Address: 7GQQ+PWW، شارع جبر بن محمد، Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4443 1533



8. CDC

Address: Building No. 29، Al Rawabi St, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4409 3444



9. Al Darwish

Address: 7G4W+9HJ, D Ring road, Al Darwish Building, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4466 6405



10. QDVC

Address: Tower 2، The Gate Mall،, Al Shatt St, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4453 8400



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Final Words


The world is growing at a rapid speed and it is the right time to construct buildings more efficiently. We all agree that a construction company can build houses more effectively and fast than any private contractor. 

However, the challenge lies in finding the suitable and best construction company in Qatar that can deliver quality service when compared to other companies. Only a professional construction company can build a strong and everlasting house using quality materials. 

Though other companies can build a structure with less cost, the building might lose its strength as time goes on which may lead to unforeseen disasters. Thus to avoid such disasters we have listed out top construction companies in Qatar who can assure you a better and safest house.

To conclude, we believe in constructing better quality houses as we understand the emotion and the dream behind any building construction. 

Come on, let us build a better tomorrow by choosing the best contracting companies in Qatar. Call them today and hire your perfect builder to make your dream into reality.

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