Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Kanpur(2022)

Are you looking for the Best Interior Designers in Kanpur? Here is the list of Top 10 Interior Designers in Kanpur ✅✅✅.

If you’re looking to renovate your home, starting with the interior design is a good idea. Interior design is important to many people and it is always worth taking the time on the inside of your house. Interior Design can help you achieve a sense of peace in your life by creating a tranquil space for everyone to enjoy.

When you are planning to buy a new house, it is always important to choose the best interior designer in Kanpur. Some interior designer organizations will charge more money and entice you with promises of luxury. However, they may not provide what they claim. It’s important that you work with a reputable design firm so the entire process goes smoothly.

The benefits of interior design are endless when you hire the Best interior designer in Kanpur. Whether you are looking to give your home a fresh new look or just want to jazz up your living space, interior design is the way for you to create the atmosphere that suits you best.

The biggest task is selecting the best one out of many organizations and individual interior designers are available in the city. To make your task simple, here we are with a list of interior designers in Kanpur that can serve you with their honesty, experience, technologies, and techniques.

List of Top 10 Interior Designers in Kanpur


1. Decor Designs

Decor Designs is among the most prestigious interior design firms in Northern India. The company is serving Lucknow and Kanpur. The company has expertise in designing luxurious and creative homes.

The company has a team of energetic designers who makes flawless designs in a given time. The team at Decor Designs is well aware that each project has its own requirements, budgets, and an expectation of quality with the tasks required.

Each Decor Designs member becomes an integral part of the process in order to create a unique design and home style. They believe in coordinating the best design styles, delivering value, and the finest design styles for the clients.

Key Points:

  • Flawless Designs
  • High-End Clientele
  • Luxurious Interiors

Address: 111/3, Brahm Nagar, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208012

Phone: 098071 99122



2. Abiogenesis Architects & Interior Designers

Abiogenesis Studio is one of the oldest Interior Design Studios in Kanpur. The company has expertise in Architecture Consultancy, Planning Consultancy, Interior Design Consultancy, and Landscape Consultancy.

They have been serving Government and Private Projects in Kanpur. The company has an innovative approach to bringing Originality and Wow Factor. Also, the company is registered with the council of architecture and Indian institute of architects.

The company has a team of architects and designers who deliver the highest level of service and design. They have the technical expertise with which they tackle any issues while designing a project.

Key Points:

  • Site Study & Concept
  • Design & Detailing
  • Construction & Finishing

Address: HIGHWAY CITY, near Kashiram Housing, near Sajari, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208015

Phone: 088404 42136



3. Dynamic Design Interior

Dynamic Design Interior is the top interior designer in Kanpur, UP. They have gained much popularity in a short span of time. The company was founded in the year 2011 with a vision of providing high-quality affordable interior design services.

The company is specialized in providing interior services to Showrooms, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping complexes, and Residential Properties.

The company follows a 4 step work process. It includes Project Receive, Planning Work, Creative Design, and Start Execution.

Key Points:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Furniture Production
  • 3D Design Rendering

Address: 227/Z-1, Hemant Vihar Rd, Barra 2, Barra World Bank, Barra, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208027

Phone: 079066 98067



4. Fidato Design

Fidata Design Studio is a Young Interior Design Company in Kanpur. The company was established in the year 2017 with a vision to make homes a better place to live. Mr. Amol Srivatava and Anurag Deep Gupta are the co-founders of Fidato Design Studio.

The team presents design solutions that can have an impact beyond the project. They have a simple design process that is interactive. The company believes in creating sustainable interiors.

The company is specialized in Architectural Design, Interior Design, Structural Design, Landscape Design, Construction, and Project Management.

Key Points:

  • Structural Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Construction
  • 2D Drawings
  • 3D Views

Address: 2A/151- C, Azad nagar Second floor, Above cera style studio, near vijay smriti guest house, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002

Phone: 9454854190



5. V Create Interiors

V Create Interior is an Interior Design Company in Kanpur which was established by Somil Gupta in the year 2013. Somil Gupta has a vision of providing complete home decor solutions under one roof.

The company is well known for providing design services in a short period of time. They have a smart team of designers and architects who smartly execute the projects.

V Create Interiors are good at Project Management, Interior Design, and Civil Work. Designers at V Create try to understand the client’s needs and lifestyle. Now the client is taken through the entire process with the best design choice. This helps to build trust and satisfaction for the client.

Key Points:

  • Careful Planning
  • Fast Building Interior Design Services
  • Perfect Design

Address: 8/42, Arya Nagar Rd, Arya Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002

Phone: 080819 22432



6. Armado Infrastructures

Armado Infrastructures is a famous interior designer firm in Kanpur and Lucknow. The company is run by professionals who are certified by RICS London.

The company has 6+ Years of Experience in the Design Industry. Delhi University, Tata Motors, and Volvo Motors are some of the premium clients of Armado Infrastructures.

They have specialization in Construction, Interior Design Services, Architectural Services, Landscape Planning, and Space Planning. They have worked with Government and Private Projects across India.

Key Points:

  • Professionalism
  • On-Time Delivery
  • RICS Certified Designers

Address: 14/106, Civil Lines, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001

Phone: 095549 86987



7. Butterfly Interio

Butterfly Interio is the Top Interior Decorator Studio in Kanpur, India. They create Elegant and Charming Home Decor. They provide all the necessary decor products under one roof.

Butterfly Interio has a team of experts who makes sure to get quality delivery at a reasonable price. They have specialization in Modular Kitchens Modular Wardrobes, Designer Glass Work, Crockery Units, Entertainment Unit, and Bathroom Vanities.

Key Points:

  • Expert Consultation
  • Quality Delivery
  • Expert Team

Address: 7/33 A,Tilak Nagar, Bunglow No.13, Ratan Villa, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001

Phone: 081278 21333



8. Prashmi Interio

PrashmI Interio is yet another Top Interior Designer in Kanpur. Prashmi Interio aims at creating fancy and luxurious home interiors without increasing the budget. They have a vision of creating interior projects with the collaboration of comfort and beauty.

The team behind Prashmi Interio carries out a personalized study to design the home of dreams. The team makes sure to comply with the agreed deadlines. Also, they monitor the projects with all the detailing.

Key Points:

  • Complete Designing
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Affordability

Address: 128/156, H Block, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208011

Phone: 087650 61261



9. Sarte Group Of Architects

Sarte Group of Architects is a team of Interior Designers and Architects who take care of furnishing residential and commercial projects.

The company has expertise in Designing Kitchens. U Shape Kitchen, L Shape Kitchen, G Shape Kitchen, Inline Shape Kitchen, and Italian Shape Kitchen are some of the specializations of Sarte Group. The company focuses on Infrastructure, Reliability, Manufacturing, and Sustainability.

With the Sarte Group, the customer gets affordable services with maximum satisfaction. They provide custom solutions for the needs of the customer.

Key Points:

  • Modular Kitchen Expertise
  • Affordable Service
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Custom Solutions

Address: 126-A Malik Guest House, near Ramadevi, Chauraha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208007

Phone: 097945 02934



10. Design by Lavassa

Design By Lavassa is the Award-Winning Interior Design Company in Kanpur. They aim to balance cost and quality. The company follows all the global standards of work to get a creative output.

Mr. Imandeep Lamba is the Founder of Design by Lavassa. He is an innovative designer with international expertise. Imandeep and his team provide complete Interior Solutions to the customers in Kanpur.

The company follows a dedicated approach to creating top-class interior products for the customer. They have a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. This helps them create the best quality interior without burning a hole in the pocket.

Key Points:

  • Creative Interior Designers
  • Award-Winning Company
  • Cost – Quality Balance
  • Global Standards of Work

Address: 1st Floor, 120/840, above Pantanjali showroom, opp. Mariampur Road, Lajpat Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208005

Phone: 093058 27863



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Final Words


Interior design is a process that features analyzing, planning & arranging color, shapes, materials, and styles in order to create a cohesive environment that is both beautiful and functional. Best Interior designers in Kanpur work on projects that range from residential interiors to commercial spaces. 

Interior designers will help you make important decisions on how best to organize your living space so that it reflects who you are as an individual. They may provide advice on things such as choosing paint colors, the size and location of furniture pieces, and the type of flooring. There are many excellent benefits that come from working with a professional interior designer.

A professional interior designer will do research to find out what styles are popular in your area. This includes speaking with clients and other architects, checking out online resources as well as perusing home decorating magazines. The best interior designers in Kanpur will also find out what styles suit your family so that they can create a design that works for you.

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