Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Thrissur (2022)

Are you looking for the Best Interior Designers in Thrissur? Here is the list of Top 10 Interior Designers in Thrissur ✅✅✅.

Thrissur’s essence lies in its architecture and aesthetics. People are increasingly interested in the aesthetics of their surroundings in terms of their workplaces and homes. India’s interior designing and remodeling industry has grown dramatically in the last two decades. 

It is built on the technique of improving space in order to make it more useful, efficient, and appealing. People are constantly employing interior designers Thrissur to live in better homes. Social media has also performed a significant role in bridging the difference between interior decorators and consumers.

The design part of both residential and business construction projects is currently being emphasized. As a result, a well-designed building can be more useful, energy-efficient, and aesthetically beautiful. Interior designs have become more stylish and engaging than ever before.

Furthermore, customers expect their spaces to express their personalities through interior design. To put it in another way, the interior designing industry is more open and approachable than ever before.

Thrissur has produced some of the country’s top interior decorators, builders, and architects. As a result, we’ve prepared a listing of the top interior designers in Thrissur. These interior designers are skilled and well-known in the fields of workplace design, residential styling, and hotel setup.

You must check out this list of interior designers in Thrissur for your project, you will get the best one for the place.

List of Top 10 Interior Designers in Thrissur


1. Karma Interior Designers

Address: 28/B, Regency Tower, West Fort, Thrissur, Kerala 680004

Phone: 095391 78265



2.Farbe Interior Design

Address: Mana Ln, Viyyur, Kunduvara, Thrissur, Kerala 680010

Phone:  9895605984



3. Holly Blue Interio

Address:  Women’s Club, Road, Chembukkav, Thrissur, Kerala 68000

Phone: 070258 34444




Address: 1st Floor, 8/227/8, St Thomas College Rd, Ambakkadan Junction, East Fort, Keerankulangara, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

Phone: 070259 71000



5. Concept Interiors

Address:  W Palace Rd, near kalyan silk, Chembukkav, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

Phone: 098950 97758



6. Laventure Interiors

Address: Kadavaram Road, Friends Rd, Thrissur, Kerala 680012

Phone: 7558966666



7. Monnaie Architects & Interior Designers

Address: Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Rd, Puzhakkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680553

Phone: 096250 80808



8. Inline Interiors

Address: Capital Tower, Kuttanellur, Thrissur, Kerala 680306

Phone: +91 9747 027 517



9. Falcon Interiors

Address: NP Complex, Vatanappally – Kanjany – Thrissur Rd, Chungam, Asvary Nagar, Ayyanthole, Thrissur, Kerala 680004

Phone: 096002 82966




Address:  5th Cross Rd, Udaya Nagar, Ayyanthole, Thrissur, Kerala 680003

Phone: 081291 33485



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Final Words


Thrissur is blessed with a plethora of successful interior decorators, stylists, and architects who have converted the city into a harmonious blend of old and modern. Furthermore, the best interior designers in Thrissur mentioned above are not only the prominent ones.

They also work on a global scale. Once you’ve chosen your preferred designer, calculate your expenditure and continue accordingly. Whether you have an independent home, apartment, or a luxurious villa in Thrissur the touch of a skilled designer can make your living space lovely. 

They are good to transform your space into one beautiful place as per your requirement with their expertise and knowledge. They will surely guide you on what can enhance the utility and beauty of the place. 

You must hire one interior designer who had more experience in ideas similar to your idea.  This will help you in getting better results without fail.  

For beautifying your interior space in Thrissur, try hiring a professional from the above list of interior designers in Thrissur. Call them, have an appointment, and discuss your requirement and ideas. Compare discussion points and select one that suits you more.

So, these are the Best Interior Design Companies in Thrissur. I hope you have found this article to be useful. If you have any queries or questions in your mind then please leave them in the comments below.

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