Classic Decoration: Step-by-step Process to Apply in your Home

What are you looking for in your home? If your focus is on sophistication and elegance, then classic decor is the style for you. Characterized by resistant fabrics, furniture made of solid wood, rugs in neutral tones, and floral wallpapers, this option is suitable for those who want to always be in fashion.

After all, it is a timeless style of decoration, which matches everything and in all seasons. Not to mention that it gives that feeling of royalty and luxury. This is because it dates back to the Greek and Roman periods in antiquity. This style is also used in mpchs.

Therefore, it is worth knowing and knowing how to apply the classic model. See more in this post and get inspired!

The Rise of Classical Decor


Classical decoration emerged in antiquity as a synonym for wealth and beauty. Over time, other styles were added, such as Rococo and Baroque. Thus, this style combines modern and contemporary elements as well, at least nowadays.

Anyway, when you talk about classic style, you automatically think of old European palaces, especially from the 17th and 18th centuries. You can modernize, but the traditional is fundamental in this decoration.

The Main Features of this Style of Decoration

The evolution of classical decoration has not changed its main features. They need to be maintained if you want to be true to this style. What are they? We present below.

Far-fetched Shapes

Objects and furniture with elaborate shapes are indispensable. To avoid exaggeration, it is worth combining it with other simpler items. For example, an ornate frame combined with old furniture is enough to transform the environment.

Wide Architecture

The environments need to be large, even because the furniture and objects are bigger. So this is also an important feature. Other architectural details are the high ceilings, the ornamentation, and the worked ceilings, baseboards, and walls.

Quality Materials

One of the main materials used in this style of decoration is marble, which is widely used in the kitchen and bathrooms. The furniture is usually made of mahoganycherry, walnut, palisander, and other noble woods.

The structure of these items is often turned and has an antique design. Still, they are functional. In relation to upholstery, exquisite ornaments are adopted.

Yellowish Lighting

You can give in to the temptation of white light, but yellow light creates a whole nostalgic backdrop that goes well with classic decor. Take advantage and use lamps – especially silk ones – strategically positioned, for example, next to the sofa or armchairs.

The elegant chandeliers are also present. They are full of crystals and are well-placed. Other options are chandeliers and lamps.

Old Furniture

The furniture needs to look like this, in addition to having a certain grandeur and excess of details. Often columns or legs of chairs and tables with ornaments are used. Beds can be fitted with mosquito nets or a canopy.

It is important to invest in darker shades in the furniture structure. What will make the difference will be the decorative objects, usually in neutral colors and with delicate prints.

Exquisite Objects

Among the main decorative elements are: 

  • porcelains
  • brass
  • silverware
  • crystals
  • busts
  • mirrors
  • books
  • chandeliers
  • floral arrangements as the main alternative for decoration with plants 
  • chandeliers
  • ornate frames
  • silk lampshades

Dark and Neutral Colors

The predominance in classic decor is dark tones combined with neutral ones. Highlights are left out. So invest in: 

  • black
  • white
  • wine
  • Navy blue
  • dark green
  • silver
  • golden
  • light pink
  • cream
  • beige
  • brown, in different shades

Fabrics with Plain, Floral or Striped Patterns

Furniture and decorative objects must contain floral, plain, or striped fabrics. The main fabrics are brocade, velvet, and silk.

For curtains, prefer heavy ones, which are hung from carved wood or bronze bars. The best fabrics are: 

  • velvet
  • jacquard
  • moire

Opt for light tones combined with dark ones. For example, dark green with beige. Also, complement them with rugs, which need to be thick and create that welcoming feeling. They should have a classic pattern and a varied color combination.

Luxurious Patterned Walls

Wallpapers are important elements in the classic decor style. They can be supplemented with frames. Some of the subjects are portraits, still life, and nature. It is also possible to use tapestries. The colors are the same, that is, dark and neutral.

As you’ve seen, it’s simple to apply this style to your home. Just follow the tips we passed. You can also use decoration apps. Keep in mind that you can still combine objects and furniture in a modern way. After all, one should never fall into exaggeration.

Therefore, to maintain elegance and sophistication, it is worth investing in common sense. Beware of excess ornaments, curves, reliefs, and shapes. Also, if the space is small, put mirrors, which bring the feeling that the environment is larger. Thus, the classic decoration is beautiful and well-adjusted to reality. 

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